I Finally Figured Out the Wraith (Tip Video Interest Gauging Thread)


So! I’ve been playing with the Wraith lately and I think I finally figured out how to play her properly, despite all the nerfs she has had. I’ve had enjoyable games with this monster, and as far as I can tell my opponents enjoyed games with me as the Wraith too. I’m going to try to make mine Elite but I had a question before I start to do so.

I previously made a thread about YouTube videos with my voice…and with the fun I’ve been having with Wraith I was thinking of making a “How to Play/Tips” video where I narrate my advice. So my question is basically an interest question: how much would the community here be interested in a Wraith video of this nature? Would it be well received (if I make it a quality video, of course), get a “meh” reaction, or be outright hated?

The reason I’m asking this is because I know the Wraith is a controversial monster, having gone through LOTS of changes since Evolve’s official launch. Personally I think the Wraith is one of the best balanced monsters of Evolve in her current form, and I think the developers have gotten her down just right as she is now. But others will disagree, obviously. I just want to make sure I’m not going to stir the pot too much if I make a video explaining how to play this monster!


Well as you’ve said Wraith is well known and hated by a lot of players, even ones who don’t even play anymore or ever have.

The other thing is that Decoy is getting a major overhaul and it’d be best to wait and see where TRS takes everything in the coming update(s) because no point in making a tips and tricks video that will not be up to date in a few weeks.


That’s a good point. I should probably wait and see what TRS has in mind for the future of the Wraith (and actually play when those updates come out).

I forgot about that title update coming. Maybe I figured out how properly play the monster too late, LOL. I just remember getting trounced often when I did play as her in the past because I didn’t lern2play. :stuck_out_tongue:


I may be able to incorporate my old style of play with her again since they fixed her Traversal glitch. She was unusable back when that was a thing.

Problem is that when I’m playing Monster I gotta use Meteor or Gorgon cuz Masteries and I’m playing Hunter more often cuz they got new peeps too.


So much grind…


I know she is not meant to be a tank. That’s a rookie mistake many players make with her. The key is to still be somewhat of a guerilla fighter even/especially when you’re domed. Supernova is my favorite ability with her and I max it out when possible. When hunters get in corners or other hard to traverse places it’s a good punish.

Abduction is also a lot of fun with Supernova because when a hunter escapes the Supernova radius I can Abduct a hunter and tell them to get back in there, fool! My Wraith play style may seem a bit unorthodox, but at least I can claim it’s MY style. :wink:



I miss her in the old days…


raises hand slowly I’d like to see a video other than the tutorial. Wraith or Gorgon are my go-to monsters…


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