I finally Elite'd all the Monsters!

And boy oh boy, they look so pretty and glistening in their pale and goldish skin :heart:

My favorite, however, is the Behemoth! :heartpulse:

(Wow theres no Behemoth emoji? Shame on you TRS! :angry: )


I really enjoy Elite Kraken and Behemoth. Kraken’s golden spines are really cool.

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Oh indeed they are! :smile: I think he looks so cool while hes emerging from his Evolvutionary state.

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I’m working on the monster/T4 emoji now. They take a while to get right. :blush:


Hooray! Make sure to get the Behemoth and all his toothy glory! :smiley:


Ooooo! Heres a good one to hopefully help ya :blush:

Oh, thanks but I have created the rest of the “cute” emoji on my own. :wink:

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I gotcha :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Elite Behemoth reminds me of a Red Velvet Cupcake… Red (Flesh) on the inside and (Hard) White Frosting on the outside.

It’s only weird if you don’t see it either…

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I think he reminds me of a chocolate cupcake, black soft and moist cakey center with a nice coating of Vanilla on the outside :cake:

is there achievement for eliting all the monsters



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Firgured. Whats the name pls

“Three Of a Kind” for all three and “The Monster” for one

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thnku, Behemoth. Also, i love playing as you. Your my main monster. Hugs

my IGN is Behemoth, He’s my favorite too. number 68 on leaderboards XD

I havent elited anything but Markov :unamused:

Same. All Monsters & all Hunters. Just finished Behemoth earlier after some lengthy Tongue Grab sessions (that sounds slightly erotic).


There was a lot of “tonguing” in my games as well :wink: