I feel we should discuss lobby shopping

Okay, I debated about posting this, but I wanted to see if anyone else feels the way I do about this, it has even noticed it

I’m referring to a practice called “lobby shopping.” It’s the practice of “shopping” from lobby to lobby looking for a game that will guarantee the “shopper” an easy win, thus inflating their stats. In the case of Evolve, being the monster and continuously matchmaking until one finds a hunter team who is full of people sometimes three ranks below you level.

Now, on a game like Evolve, you’d think this wouldn’t be an issue, as the matchmaking system is based upon player rank, but if one keeps backing out from lobbies where a player is pitted against people of their rank, eventually the algorithm won’t find any more games of that degree, and place that high ranked player with people who have been waiting for just as long, as I guess the assumption is, it’s better to play agaist lower ranked players, than no players at all.

On PS4, there is an individual (I know I’m not allowed to say his name), who lobby shops. I know, because my team of hunters are all silver expert, and this gentlemen is a silver master. We get him as our monster a lot, and he backs out every time. Let me say that again. EVERY time. None of us know him. But come to find, he’s in the top 50 Goliath players in the world and had only accumulated two losses out of over two hundred and fifty matches played. There just can’t be any other explanation.

I wish there was something that could be done about this, but I feel it’s just one of those “uneuthical but not illegal things.” Plus, maybe it’s not abused as much as I’m making it out to be.

I know stats aren’t everything, but what’s the point of having them, if that’s the case. Plus, on top of not being fun for lower ranked players, this practice slows down matchmaking for higher ranked players where wait times can take 10+ minutes.

Anyone else have an opinion?


I guess you can’t stop people doing it as it happens in every game,i kind of like playing a mix of different level of people just for the challenge, what’s the point in beating noobs all the time hey!

I’ve got to admit i’ve cherry picked lobbies as hunter because i’m not willing to play with noobie determining ranks anymore,i’ve given them enough chances and i’m not doing it anymore i’d rather wait an extra 15mins to get a competent team of hunters than play with them wallies.

I think (just my opinion) that it’s more bad doing it as the monster player,hunters i can see why you would do it because having a few players below your division can cost you the game but as the monster that’s just being a complete jerk


as a hunter player, this is extremely accurate.

although, i like to play a match with the determining ranks just to test the water, but when i do i usually go with health regen bucket or health regen jack, because i know the medic aint doing shit


If there’s 1 determing rank player i’ll ready up but if the monster is 1 division above me i back out because it’s a no brainer to play with a team mate who’s 2-3 divisions below the monster

i usually dont care about the monster’s level. i.e. i have a friend that got a lucky break playing against noob hunters and hes silver destrtoyer, his w/l is like 11-1 or something like that.

hes not good, he just hasnt faced a smart team yet.

More videos and tutorials need to be forced upon the hunters when its their first or second time playing a hunter.

This is the most needed-> a player should not be allowed to play as a specific hunter {in hunt mode} until they have 1 star in each tool.

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I agree. I have no mic. At least, on PS4 for somereason every determining Hunter is Bronze Doomed. I used to play with Determining Hunters because I thougt, maybe they’re really good and they just haven’t played Ranked yet. Maybe they’re going to be determined into Silver Expert or something… NOPE! I can’t imagine any determined I’ve seen making it out of Bronze… And now I’m stuck in Silver Skilled because of determining pubs.

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Silver skilled dude is great i’d say above average that’s what i’m in too.

I’d say again just my opinion Bronze Destroyer is the lowest division you should play with any below that are generally bad from my experience

But that’s my thing. Determining rank hunters should be matched with other determine rank hunters.

Why match them with people of a higher skill level. It only creates a burden for that higher skilled hunter.

It does indeed. But I’d say there are few determining rank Hunters left. Just enough to annoy the fk out of me from time to time

Well, because of the low player base, the ranked match maker will pit a team of Bronzes or Determining Rank against a Silver monster. That team should back out, i.e. “Silver Dodging”.

I don’t really have a problem with that.

Some premades are dicks or use complete cheese or exploits. I’ll pass on them. Or if I get a “rematch” with a team I really didn’t enjoy playing against, I’ll pass on them.

All of these probably qualify as “shopping”, but I see no problem with it.


A silver master monster keeps avoiding silver expert hunters? What’s wrong with him, does he just wait for bronzes and rack up those 1 point wins? His loss really, can’t see how he gets fun out of beating up players less skilled than himself.

Maybe there should be a small wait penalty if you back out at the “shopping” screen? I don’t think there should be a points penalty as there are many legitimate reasons for doing it.

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If you believe there are ligitimate reasons for backing out why would you impose a waiting penalty?

See, I agree. A general waiting penalty would be too much.

Currently, there are legitament reasons for backing out, but the only reason that should even be viable is if there’s something going on in your personal life off screen that requires your attention. I’m always on call as a psychologist, so I relate to that.

My issue is the way the current matchmaking algorithm works. Even if there is a shortage of players, I’ve never had an issue finding a game as either a hunter or monster, but as a hunter, I should ALWAYS be placed with other hunters my rank. And consequently, we should ALWAYS be placed against a monster of the same skill.

Yes, if you play with random hunters, quite often you might find yourself as a silver skilled playing with a trio of bronze master’s against a silver expert monster. It makes since for you to back out, but that problem should not exist in the first place and I think people who lobby shop for their personal gain contribute to this problem.

Well there’s a practical reason to stop the same monster getting matched with the same hunters every time. But also a time penalty is the softest punishment you could have, a compromise

I think this could be fixed if only the player rank is shown and not the name. As a hunter you shouldn’t really have an issue finding a game, but when a monster leaves the lobby, it must be pretty brutal to find another match for that player, especially on consoles.

But then again, my team and I have backed out of matches before because we know it picks a certain monster that likes to run till stage 3 and evolves very slowly. rarely happens but we do it from time to time.

as far as penalty it should be a culumitive one. so if you back out for any reason then whatever but then if you back out of the next monster/hunter team a minute then 5mins then 15mins and just having it get higher and higher and have some background “cooldown” on it. real life will always take priorty but if reall life happens then suddenly unhappens and then hapens and then unhappens… im calling BS and hoping you rot lol (unless its the same same people you dodged in the first place…)

i will say that im very against dodging as i love playing monster but on x1 it can take anywhere from 10mins to 25mins to find a game as a silver elite monster. as hunter you will almost always find a game within 5mins tops i feel so its not too bad.

My main point of that tho is i will dodge certain monsters who are lucky to be be named/called out on their BS because they abuse the game. whether it be flee til 3 relay cheesers, pounce spammers (im looking at a few kraken streamers), or monsters who let the last hunter/daisy live over and over again so he can keep killing the hunters for shits and giggles when the match couldve been over 10mins ago. Those monsters i dodge like the plague, hunters i will pretty much never dodge even if they are 3,4,5 ranks above me because its like hey i finally got a match and if i win i win big (3 points and 23mins later…)

I feel people who Lobby shop aren’t doing anything wrong, but kind of lose the right to complain about not finding a match…

I think this would be solvable by hiding all information about players (ranks, names and badges) until it gets to the character selection screen, at which point a defection counts as a loss already. Bam, no more lobby shopping.

Monsters/hunter premades who lobby shop are pretty pathetic imo.

Fight whoever you’re matched against. Saves a lot of waiting time for people, and do you really never want to be challenged?
Is your rank really that precious to you…?

I think I remember Hunters were complaining about getting paired with Low Level teammates and not knowing until it was too late.