I feel that there should be a level barrier before you can pvp


On the ps4, tis not uncommon to see a wide array of player levels in quickplay.

But what really grinds my gears is when you have a lvl 04 Mad Mags who doesn’t follow daisy nor knows what pings are.

This is extremely frustrating when every other player, including the elite monster is lvl 40.

Iv been counting for a while, and ever single defeat I have had that had this setup turns out to be the lvl 04’s fault. Either grossly out of position or on the other side of the map.

So I propose there should be a level barrier before you’re able to pvp, they should stick to coop or off-line if they are learning.



But we do have a level barrier; it’s called premades.


None of my friends like Evolve, sadly.


The best way to learn is from other players, not CPUs. Magic the Gathering players and Poker players learned from other players. We all have to start somewhere.


WHOA. never expected another MTG reference here.


Make new ones via the game. Sure it may take trial and error, but chances are a good player is never too far away. Friend them, rinse and repeat; and then next thing
You know, a team of good players that you pulled together.


yea, check out the group threads on here. plenty of people are willing to add people.


I understand your frustration completely but at the same time the learning curve is just too big for someone to learn on their own, even if they do hit max level they still may not know what they should be doing or how to perform their role at their best.

Most of it is on their end but it will require the patience of someone holding their hand as they get started and it’s either going to be you or the next guy so there has to be some bit of fairness in it.


Mostly used that because of how common people know it :slight_smile: I actually played WAY, WAY back in the day… I just couldn’t stand the business model of trying to keep up competitive decks. It was good for its time tho, I just think its way past it’s prime.


actually, its larger than ever atm. i’ve play competitively but i do Modern (8th edition to current) and Commander (eternal 100card singleton). Modern is what i compete in, but it lacks rotation. and commander is more of a group/friend format (4+players usually) and are more casual and fun.

anyway, we’re off topic. so if you ever want to know something, feel free to ask


So is World of Warcraft. Popularity doesn’t mean it’s still a good game :stuck_out_tongue: I just dislike that it hasn’t evolved very much.


Well, I do agree with that

But someone still shouldn’t learn the BASICS of the game on someone else’s WLR or Stats.

Bots can teach basics, humans teach tactics.

Heck, alot of my Hunter skill’s Iv gotten have been playing against good teams as the monster.


Wow Rude.



played for 13years and counting. been plenty of changes.


But you mentioned quick play, which is where they can learn and not affect people’s stats.


The leader boards on profile aint stats?


Quickplay doesn’t contribute to that. Just ranked and coop.


You can’t force people into solo mode. If anything that would just turn off new players because the bots become tiringly easy once you have a bit of experience. Better off letting them get stomped and learn from their own mistakes. :smiley_cat:


The entire game is based on the tactics, sure they can learn what to look for in tracking a monster but that will not stop them from following the monster in a chase instead of knowing how to cut or traverse the map efficiently.

In my opinion, the best starting advice is to learn the map layouts so they know where dead ends are or where a path will loop to, that can be done in bot games but you even said yourself


Thats confusing. I’ve never played a game of ranked.

I have about 40-ish Wins with Val and about 100ish with Gorgon and those are visable on the leaderboards?

Unless those arent the actual leaderboards? :frowning: