I feel that all characters should be unlocked right from the get go


By having characters locked until you’ve finished particular objectives you are having players play hunters/monsters they may not enjoy before they can play hunters/monsters they do. I don’t see a benefit to doing this short of some feeling of progression, but that feeling of progression can still be felt in the buffs given to the weapons with each star. Only other thing I could imagine is that tier one characters should be easier to play than the others, but there is still nothing stopping anyone from playing said tier 1 characters. Also, my ability to understand Maggie’s kit wouldn’t really help me in knowing how to utilize Abe’s kit as they only thing they share is class (and dome) and I’d have to learn that role regardless of who I was playing to begin with.

In the grand scheme of things, by having all characters unlocked you would be able to play whoever you like and experiment with team builds right away without having to play characters who do not interest you or whose kits you may not agree with.


If everyone was unlocked from the beginning, there would be much less to work for in the game. There are the perks and elite skins, but unlocking the characters themselves is an accomplishment for some people. (There’s also a trophy/achievement for unlocking all the characters if I’m not mistaken). And it also allows people to see what characters they like, even if they didn’t think they would. I thought I would like Kraken best, but since I had to play Goliath first, I grew fond of him. Otherwise, you would see the same hunters over and over again.


Just hit the progress reset bug. That will get you all your characters unlocked.


By doing this you get to experiment all the characters, instead of just using X character because everyone says it’s OP.


The idea is so that you learn the basics of each class rather than character. If a person could just jump into the game as Lazarus they would suck, plain and simple.


Two of the tier 1 characters are much better than the other 2. I think getting an idea on how each tier works is much better than just having them all and playing what this place or reddit says is good


I think people are capable of experimenting with characters and seeing who they would prefer without being forced to. and if people were only concerned with playing the “top tier” characters how exactly does this stop them? All it really does is potentially prevent them from playing who they want to play temporarily.

And I think your logic is flawed, Colin. A fresh Lazarus player probably won’t be great because they are new to the character regardless. Being great at Val doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to be great at Lazarus or Caira. You still need to take a moment to adjust to what their kit is and how to best use the tools they offer.


yeah i wanted to play a game as each hunter, because i wanted to be a monster and would of found it useful to try out their abilities , unlocked one assault and half way trough one trapper when i decided to just not bother.