I feel....Terrible


After launching evolve, I noticed that my stats were reset. I kind of shrugged it off knowing I can always climb the levels again and maybe practice up on my Monster.

Well, I did just that. And I’ve been wrecking legitimate new players. Many of them leave, though some have been good sports and enjoyed a challenge. I try to get new players to stay and offer them advice, but many just leave anyways.

I just want advice from some other vet players. Should I go easy on the new players until I hit around level 15, or should I keep playing my best and just offer advice to players on how to be better? I don’t want people to just give up on the game because of the imbalance of skill levels.


I would generally try to state up front that your stats got reset before the match starts (If possible) and say that you are experienced and if you want to help coach them after the game. I think being up front should be ok. Also ask them if there is a certain strategy/monster they want you to be to practice against might help.


No, the challenge has to be there. Or they won’t get better. Same thing happened with me. But I offer tips if I notice glaring mistakes.


id give them a good fight. something that you feel they could leave the match with being satisfied win or loss.

Any match that can do that is better then any win or loss. Punish them for their mistakes but let them enjoy their smaller victories. Itll help them feel as if they’re progressing.


Leroy Jenkins.


Tss… hunters have it easy enough as it is. No need to make the mistake of letting them believe it’s always going to be easy, even if you don’t apply yourself. That’s why there are so many “OPWRAITHCRY” post in here…


I farmed a bad team to get 3x above global average. I would kill them all, leaving daisy and teabag her. following her, waiting for them to drop to start over… It was a cruel match…


As MaddCow said, let them know you got reset and they shouldn’t expect mercy. If they stay give them advice you think can help them better themselves. Though I think you might be able to help teach more people if you play alongside them as a hunter.

The biggest lessons I learned in this game is when I’ve fought some of the best monsters. Maniac/GentlemanSquirrel taught me some harsh lessons and made me a far more effective trapper, though I still have a lot more to learn.


I never really thought of that. I’ll try it out. The only problem is there is little to no time frame for communication between the monster and the hunters until a game has finished.

As true as that is, I find it hard to make plays on some new player’s mistakes and then ease back out of it until a new mistake is made.

Hunters have the communication gap. Honestly, I feel monsters at higher levels have it easier.

I’ve played Trapper and Support in Alpha, Beta, Press Release, and the grind to max level (Until reset). I want to improve on my monster before I get back up in the level I once was…to better understand them. :wink:


If you know you are playing against lower skill players, you could try really crazy builds/perk combinations. Try thing that you wouldn’t in a serious game, you never know what works. I once tried to test to see if I could evolve out of territory on distillery where the Hunters couldn’t see me. It didn’t work as well as I hoped :stuck_out_tongue:


Try a melee only kraken build Banshee mines ( most effective at close range because less time for hunter to react to them) and after shock. Take vortex for your disengage. It is pretty to do.


Nah… well, maybe not in hunt. But all other game modes the hunters barely have to communicate. Pick the right characters for the job and spam “spot” if you see the monster… gg. A monkey could win Defend and Nest maps as a hunter.


I just did a game with level 1-5 at level 40…

I understand you.


Oh God, I’ve already done this for a couple games.

3 max Aftershock, Banshee mines, and Vortex on Kraken. Aftershock is surprisingly effective and can take out 1/2 HP of the entire hunter team.

An Abduction/Warp Blast only game. I was flying around the map like a super-wraith. To another surprise, I won both games.

I want to try a kiting Goliath, with 3 in Rock/Charge/Leap Smash soon.


I strongly believe Vortex is the best skill in the game. Good damage and the ability to determine where you want the Hunters. It’s so amazing.


Haha I use vortex to push people in the water by the tyrants… It works more often than not.


Vortex is great for pushing hunters into walls or traps, disengaging, initiating, trolling, and throwing hunters into the air for about 8 seconds.

Yeah, it’s the best skill in the game.


I honestly don’t know how to answer this. I’m a mid-list player at best, and I try to handle defeat with aplomb – except this one time during the $#@!&%* Beta. :unamused: I’d like to feel that if I’m going up against a superior player, it would force my game to improve and at least I’ll have learned something by the end. Is it, however, your responsibility to let them know? I don’t think so as anonymity is sort of part of the design.

I like the idea of you pushing yourself with weird builds, though.


Ah don’t be harsh on yourself, don’t be afraid of playing with your food… I mean opponents.

If you really feel sorry for them, I would suggest giving them some false sense of success, let them damage you a bit in combat, make some mistakes, so they feel rewarded, make it look like a close game, as these are the most interesting, but in the end, pwn them hard.


Not to mention it has the most RIDICULOUS hit box and the biggest possible FPS drop in gaming lol.