I feel sorry for you all


I see all if these comments of people being horrible in the beta and I have to say, that was rare for me.
Yeah, in the Big Alpha 75% of my matches were with idiots (DONT PUT UP THE DOME FOR A MEGAMOUTH!)
But in the beta, most people I played with were actually good.
Heck, sometimes I was the one who seemed like the idiot (I don’t like to throw down the dome if I can’t see the monster okay? :frowning: )
I want you guys to tell your takes of stupid moments during the beta and alphas.


Me - following daisy.
My team - Killing random wildlife.
Me- getting smashed by monster.
My team - chillingout with random wildlife.

I consider myself to be a good player since i dunno… i got common sense ? I still dont understand how some people can be soo stupid, the entire game revolves around the monster. To prevent it from getting to stage 3 / wreaking your colony. And some people cant understand this basic concept. I dunno, but if you have watched like 2-3 streams you should be able to understand what do daisy do , monster leaves foot steps and you are supposed to stay away together…


Not so much a stupid moment as much as one where I felt bad for the Monster. I was in an Evacuation game against someone who obviously hadn’t had a lot of experience monstering. The first round was pretty quick in itself… but for the win, we got the UAV bonus on the next map.

Leaping out of the dropship, I see the monster scare birds, then get caught up fighting a UAV. Find him, dome him, and drop him in about 1:47. That was probably my shortest Beta match. x.x



Dome, coming up!

I had a great time during the beta. I monstered and huntered pretty equally, almost always with at least 2 randoms in a public game, and it was great. Yeah sometimes we’d have a bad teammate but I didn’t care. I loved the chase nonetheless.

The only two games I didn’t like – My entire team was just farming masteries on wildlife in one and the other one I was monster and totally destroying the hunters so they just kept voting to restart. It doesn’t work unless I press yes as well, but it was extremely annoying for it to keep coming up every five seconds.


Me finding monster for the first time as trapper. Other hunters on other side of map. I dome because I FOUND IT! Monster turns around and proceeds to murder me easily and violently.




I’m perfect.Nothing to post in this thread.

moving on


My two worst were throwing the dome over Goliath in a low building (hint: don’t do that, Goli loves enclosed spaces; have a feeling Wraith is similar), I rightly got scolded for that one, and I got caught (as Goliath) at S1 with no armor, and I was dead in less than 3:50 (there was glare on the screen from the sun, but that’s no excuse for my panic and ineptitude).


I still can’t see those stupid plants


But have you come a game with other people that were idiots?


Worst team experience I can remember wasn’t, in the balance of things, all that bad… I was on a team with someone running Hank, and every time we got close to the monster, at the point when I needed to be moving in for the dome… Hank managed to get himself caught by a tyrant.

By the same tyrant.

In the same pool.




Haha okay i’m not perfect.I did many idiotic things like going on stage 1 fights.Or hunting the Monster alone as a trapper because the other people didn’t know the game that much

Tip.(Don’t hunt the monster alone)

Another idiotic thing i witnessed when my stats was erased(My progress lost and i returned 1 level and i was only matched with other 1 levels)is how people treat wildlife.If hunters see a big wildlife they suddenly stop.Look at the wildlife,then look at the other hunters,no one knowing what to do.Turns out in a game we killed every wildlife that was bigger than bird.


Me playing as Abe at the moment

The monster was near but not enough near to put up the dome

a 14-16 years old guy just screams at me saying something like ‘SQUIRREL,USE YOUR F***ING DOME’

Me:Chill out,i’m trying to engage him

The others:He’s mad…



Such is the reality of playing online games with random matchmaking. Gotta make friends with the good people you get matched with. That’s the part I suck at. I usually “friend and forget” people. I’ll have friends lists with dozens of people that I don’t actually do anything with.


I was running alone on my own as Val(like a good medic should do…/sarcasm\ ) and I found the monster, like everytime and started to tranque him so everyone can see him. My team was on the other side of the map and ignored me. I was tranquing the monster over and over again. The monster couldn’t feast and jumped away and I got him again and this went like thirty seconds or a minute. The monster ran into some caves and I was on his back. Expecting a dome coming down now, I looked where my team mebers where. Yup, they where still on the other side of the map. In the cave the monster finally sneaked me and NOW they where moving. I died and so did the whole team.

And on the other hand, what does a member of the hunters do, if there is Lazarus in the team? Right, revive the fallen team members


I hope I never come across a troll trapper, just done us at the beginning of a match and not pull it down…

I know this isn’t related but it got me thinking.


That’s why I’m going to play Monster till lvl 15-20.


I HATE THAT SOOOO MUCH. It’s so annoying! They visibly see me standing next to a fallen ally, and THEY STILL DO IT. I hate it even worse when that fallen ally gets MAD AT YOU for not reviving them.

Ugh I hate people (Not you people).


I tried to be the most helpful i can in the beta, I picked caira and other medics mostly, acceleration boost really helped the newbies who could’nt keep up :smiley: and i told them stuff as we walked together always nice to see them get the gist of it and want to learn more


I can just imagine an awesome picture from that – Caira with the T1 hunters excluding Val all walking along a well lit path of tracks, sun shining and everything just taking a pleasant stroll through the woods casually looking for the monster… only a massive brute of a Goliath is behind them sneaking and ready to pounce and looking all GRRRRR-y.

I wish I could draw :cry:

@SledgePainter will draw for me some day? :smiley: