I feel like Renegade Abe is dealing too much damage after dome fights

Ok so i don’t really open this kind of topics but after losing 2 health bars AFTER the dome fight while i was escaping i felt like something was seriously wrong. He deals almost more damage while the monster is escaping than in dome fights. And i really tought this is unfair because there is nothing i can do about that. And yes ofcourse i know how to use pillars as a shield but no, 1 pistol shot and 1 shot with that amazingly accurate shotgun from 75m away and there goes my 1 health bar atleast. Does anyone having the same issue ?


Well that’s what he was designed for. He pays for it with being less effective in domes and requiring more effort from the player than other assaults.


Renegade Abe is a DoT based Assault. He sacrifices in-dome damage for after dome damage. His potential comes from being able to whack off health from the Monster for over-extending and retreating too late.

That’s his niche. He’s not overpowered for his after dome damage.


Frankly, I think he deals too much dome damage as it is.

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It’s kind of his thing though.

For example I’d take him with a Sunny comp because of that lovely chip, but I’d never take him with Laz because he sucks at punishing bodycamps.


Well of course i know dot is his thing but when you are trying to get away from hunters (Which is not that easy considering the last solo buffs and chase comps) you are mostly vulnerable because you don’t have any armor left. And you can’t stop to eat because like i said 2 shots from rabe = 1 bar of health gone. I really feel like he deals way too much damage than other assaults overall. Both in dome fights and after fights. For example parnell can’t really do much of a thing with his shotgun if you are really far away, i don’t know why is it so easy to hit far targets with rabes shotgun. Plus the damage is definetly higher. If you are thinking it is balanced i would love to get some tips because right know i don’t think i have anyway to stop him…

Edit : I play Gorgon mostly btw. Which is another dot focused monster but she is not a b*tch that focuses on killing hunters after dome fights :gorgon:

Considering there is an Assault that downright sucks at harassing after the dome is down (Lennox, you are my favorite but once the dome is down, you fall waaaay behind), I think this was a niche needing to be filled. I have seen Rabe in dome, he lacks oompah.

That seems a bit weird, well just lets do a little bit of math here and I’m not going to count for the shotgun shells because that’s a variable I just don’t feel like doing the math for at 6am.

But the dart does like 320 if it ticks down the entire 10 seconds and if any bullet from his shotty hits it only does 100 dps over the course of 5 seconds. So counting that a single bullet with both dots would count for 430 damage which shouldn’t be a bar of health unless you know he’s constantly pinging with his dart.

Doing two bars of health yet again unless he hit you 5 times in the course of 50 seconds with the dart doesn’t seem plausible. Sure his shotty can account for some of that missing damage but overall his dart does the most damage in his kit.

Hunters aren’t supposed to be doing big damage after the dome. That’s what the dome is for. This is basically the same discussion that was had about Torvald before the game up and died.

A losing dome comes down when you’re already into health damage… you’re gonna punish the monster for not leaving before the dome is down?

I don’t know if rabe is op, but if this is the justification for this design, he’s broken either way.


yeah agree… saying that he is not as good in dome fights when dome´s drop at a certain criteria regardless of time is a wonky statement…


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After dome damage is too high for most of the Hunters when you lose 2 bars of health from chip damage…it truly shows how strong and overpowered Hunter damage is.

The range on weapons is absolutely insane you can get hit with shit from halfway across the map


8.3 k damage with darts that requires almost no skill at all. I mean you hit monster once, ONCE. Then just watch him slowly melt…

uhm, where did i say skill? 4x damage of his maingun. that should make you wonder.

No i didn’t mean to say that to you. [quote=“Ryaneko, post:15, topic:99537”]
4x damage of his maingun. that should make you wonder.

This is what i am talking about. You just hit the monster once and wait. It slowly melts. I feel like his dot is to powerful considering it is a guaranteed %100 damage with minimum effort. His main gun is similar too. You just left click the monster from really far away and it does so much free damage. This really annoys me. I tried him couple times too and my opponents literally just said “fuck this just finish” and stopped escaping.

Monsters gain the ability to be more aggressive in domes because of the overall lower damage. It seems that you guys are only seeing his after damage which is all you want to see and you don’t consider that he gives up a lot of upfront damage to get that.


You know how it goes. “I lost to it, it’s op, nothing will change my mind.”


Especially when the Monster was played wrong in the first place…


he has a damage reduction buff, he almost completely obliterates stage 1 monsters… because it is more or less impossible to get a stage 1 strike.