I feel like I'm forced into trolling a lot these days

I switch between Monster & Hunter on a regular basis, I can usually hold my own. When I don’t want to Monster however… well that means I don’t want to. So I leave during the intro screen… and immediately rejoin the same lobby. Every time. Five minutes straight.

My persistence in retrying connection leads to unintentional trolling- every time I leave and join the lobby, the timer of that lobby gets reset. Hence the players waiting in it will never get to play so long as I keep doing it. The only solution I have found to reset my search, as it were, is wait for the game to start, then quit. This leaves the other team with a Bot Monster or Hunter, right at the start.

I am not actively trying to upset other people’s gaming. Simply trying to find a match I wants leads to me disrupting at least half a dozen games before they have even begun. /rant

if u want some trolling tipps then uve gotta ask @WiBaKi


If any of you know who this girl is, you’d realize just how bad this is and get my props.


I know it’s not :frowning: I wish to emphasize that I’m not even trying to disrupt other people’s matches here, it happens naturally as a function of the non-existent matchmaking.

I return to the Home screen to make sure I won’t return to the same lobby O.o
(That 1 minute delay has to be put to good use, in some ways >.<)

A quick Google search yielded a tad more gore pictures than I expected, I’ll give you that.


When she says its not ok than you know its all bad. Also i lobe her <3

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Is that you yuki!? o.o


Yuno it! (pun intended)

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Even going all the way back is not a guarantee if you try again immediately. It’s gotten to the point where simply trying to play the game is literally taking longer than actually playing.

Imo…if I really don’t want to monster I just play really crap level 1 fights.

If I win w/e, it was a cool 4min if I lose w/e…now I’m in the next round.


I’m here if you need anything

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Oh No… the King Troll is here…

If you change up your preferences it searches for a different game…is all about compatibility :wink:

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How about you wait a bit more outside the lobby until it startedt then.

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Hi man. If you dont want to play as monster, here is simple solution for you.

When game forces you to play Monster, ok don’t leave . When game begins just stay at drop zone and let the Hunters kill you instantly. It will take aprox. 2-3 minutes , and it is far better than to wait 10 minutes with deserter penalty cause of leaving the game.

Next few games you won’t be Monster.

Also other solution is to have "no prefference " which might help finding more lobbies.

hope I helped :slight_smile:

Edit : whoopsie. I wasnt readi g previous posts so I haven realized that my advices has been more or less already written

since no one mentioned it: after leaving the intro screen, don’t immediately klick “find game” again, wait 10-15 seconds for the old lobby you have been in to fill up or start. someone else will be the monster so even if you do end up in the same group, you won’t be monster.

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