I feel like every reviewer should read this post before reviewing


Why I like Evolve:

While the game may not seem to have much to offer
on the surface, the real beauty is that its depth is the synergy between the
hunters, the monsters, and the maps and how they all interact.

At lower levels your games will involve mindlessly running
around in circles due to hunters not knowing the maps, and this allows monsters
to just escape because no one knows the best way to cut off said monster on the
map. At higher levels monsters can no longer rely on this strategy, because a
team of hunters will always be able to cut off the monster and always be on its
tail. Instead monsters are forced to do short flights to get out loss of
hunters and then utilize sneaking to bypass hunters. This makes games more fun,
and less mind numbing because they tactics of the monster trying to out run
will fail due to the hunters splitting up, and before you counter with the
monster will just sneak attack said hunter and kill him, but when me and my
buddies play the game we purposely bait the monster to sneak attack in order to
get them domed since sneak attack once started by the monster can’t be stopped
until they are incapped, and also is not very useful if other hunters are
nearby since its damage output is kind of low.

Now in regards to the synergy I talked about I will first
discuss the hunters, then the monster, then the maps.

For Each hunter team makeup will require a different
priority in terms of who should be attack first, and also their abilities have
big impacts on their role in the group.

The priority for the monster will be in this order: Hank due to his shield, Val or Caira due to
Healing, Lazarus due to his ability to rez dead players or incapped players for
no penalty due to strikes, but if he is the healer you can target anyone due to
him having minimal ability to heal with the tactic of eating the people you
kill so they can’t be rezzed or guarding their bodies while focusing on other
hunters or killing him, next it would be cabot due to his damage amplifier, and
then any other trappers/support with the assault being last due to their
shield. The only time this priority would be modified is if you are domed and
can easily take out the trapper if for instance lazarus is healing.

Now on to the roles of the group based on abilities.

Healers: keep the other hunters up through heals or rezes:

Lazarus-He has the ability to rez for no penalty so is role
is to tag the monster with damage markers from a distance provide heals when
possible but just to stay out of the focus of the monster and to try to rez if
the monster isn’t guarding the body if they are guarding he should be shooting
the monster to bring down the monsters health low enough so that he runs away
and laz can rez.

Val-she can single target heal very effectively (with added
bonus she can rez incapped players from afar with her grenades), and she has a
tranq gun that can be reloaded fairly easily; so a good val should allow for
easy doming since she can prevent the monster from getting too much distance on
the hunters also when she tranqs the monster is highlight to get an idea of its
direction. She also has a sniper that can put a slower amount of damage boosts
markers but they give a higher percentage increase in damage.

Caira-she has aoe grenades that heal making her very
effective at healing (with added bonus she can rez incapped players from afar
with her grenades), she also has fire grenades but she should mainly focus with
heals, this often times makes her the prime target since the monster has a very
hard time doing damage, so she should effectively run around in circles with
her speed boost which is great for chasing the monster when he leaves the dome.

Trappers-The trappers have in my opinion effect the way the
game plays out based on the way they force the monsters mode of transport.

Maggie-has daisy which effectively prevents the monster from
sneaking making this pointless for the monster, she has a gun for inaccurate
damage, and her harpoon traps which should be used on cliffs to help prevent
movement when she gets the monster in the dome.

Griffin-has sound spikes as his only method to find the
monster so sneaking should be the primary mode the monster uses(these are
perfect to use in the dome since the monster will be less likely to sneak), he
has a more accurate gun that does less damage then Maggie’s, his harpoon gun is
great at keeping the monster from leaping towards someone if they aren’t being
targeted or are behind the monster. His harpoon also does damage, while Maggie’s
traps don’t.

Abe-has unlimited tracking darts he can shoot at the monster
or wildlife that can then be eaten by the monster which means sneaking is not required
but can be very tactical so he kind of forces a hybrid between the monster
sneaking or nonsneaking. Since he can also shoot the monster it makes it easier
for the hunters to chase him. He uses a shotgun which can be inaccurate or
accurate depending on fire rate. His stasis grenades are great at keeping the
monster from moving quickly and are particularly great at getting the kraken
out of the air and keep it on the ground.


Markov-has the lightning gun that doesn’t require any aiming
once you are within range of the monster but doesn’t do as much damage as the
flamethrower, he has a submachine gun that is accurate at range but doesn’t do
as much damage as hydes minigun at close range. His mines are great at covering
an area but require time to arm and can be destroyed by the monsters ranged
attacks but 5 can be used.

Hyde-has a flamethrower that does high damage but must be
aimed properly to do said damage, his minigun does high damage up close, but is
very inaccurate at a range, he can only use one gas grenade but it can’t be
destroyed, and it instantly works doing damage right away. It can also be
thrown at the monster if it is hiding in a corner forcing it to come out.

Parnell-he is more of just regular dps but he doesn’t have
as much utility at forcing the monster to move, but he has super soldier which
allows him very high dps. So he sacrifices utility to the group for pure damage
which requires more support from other members in the group.


Hank: He has the shield gun which forces the monster to
focus on him while others can focus on doing their abilities like staying alive
as trapper when the dome is up, allowing the medic to heal more easily, and
allowing the assault to dps, his barrage can be used as high damage, but more
effectively is used to get the monster of downed players and forcing the
monster move. The dps for bucket and hank are more of secondary things they
should use when not shielding or placing turrets.

Bucket: he has the uav which allows him to try to remotely
find the monster and attempt to tag it, but can be disaster if the monster
finds his unguarded body, his turrets should always be placed to protect downed
players or just do high damage to the monster.

Cabot: he has a rail gun that allows him to do high damage
along with shoot the monster through walls, he as an aoe dust attack that
releases particles that can highlight the monsters location similar to vals
tranq gun which works well since his rail gun can shoot through walls, his
biggest advantage is his damage amplifier which allows significant damage
increases, but should optimally be only used when the assault is in position to
attack him, otherwise the rail gun is a better choice.

Now to discuss how different monsters require different
strats to bring down

Goliath: He is the more general monster and doesn’t really
require any special strat to bring down other than that when cutting him off
try to not go to close to his location because his abilities can also help him transverse
the map so go further out when cutting him off.

Kraken: The kraken is kind of clunky on the ground do to
spindly legs so the first goal should be to get him out of the air using
harpoons, harpoon traps, abe grenades, or tranq darts. Also try to stay away
from him since he has an aoe he uses that only affects a certain range next to
him, and try to dodge lightning and shoot his banshee mines.

Wraith: The wraith is a sneaky bugger, but is really weak in
terms of health/armor. So if he can’t face him until he is stage 3 it is not
the end of the world. The best thing is trying to dome him right when he
evolves since he is very vulnerable and can easily be killed due to his health.
The biggest strat is every time you catch the wraith just assume he popped
decoy and run past the decoy to more easily catch the monster. Also don’t stand
in the arena field it makes since his melee attack only go crazy within that

The maps variance in choke points and routes to cut off are
all varied. Also the topography of each map plays a huge part due to it being
better to fight the monster in a low point of the map since it is harder to get
away do to hit being harder for the monsters to go uphill and makes their
escape slower particular with kraken’s glide. Knowing the maps makes it easier
to cutting off the monster, along with knowing what hazards to look out for
with tyrants, megamouths and chomp plants, and also makes it easier to find the
buffs since only certain creatures have these buffs, and they can make or break
a game depending on whether or not they are utilized.

As you can see every time they release a new monster, hunter
or map the game exponentially grows more complex in terms of the synergy of all
these components and how they help make the games seem less mindless and
similar based on the map, hunters chosen and the monster they go against. Now
if the new dlc hunters were essentially the same in terms of them not adding
any utility then I would agree that the idea of proposing to pay for them would
be insane, but the fact that they could significantly change the way the games
play out is worth it to me. Also even if you don’t buy the dlc you can play
them in single player with bots or if there is a bot in a multiplayer game you
can play as them, and you can play with other players that have bought these
characters, or play against these monsters. So even if you don’t buy them it won’t
be like the developers have locked them in a closet like a red headed
stepchild. So I don’t feel like it’s that big of a deal, and also all maps are
free. So I feel like harping on this particular set of DLC is like you owning a
razer mouse that can change 5 colors, but then being offended that razer
releases a new edition of your gaming mouse with the ability to change 6 colors,
sure you’d like to have that extra feature, but it’s up to you to decide if it’s
worth the cost. In the end you still get to experience the idea of the feature
whether you buy it or not. With razer you’d be spending like 10 bucks for
something that took minimal effort to add with very little difference, with
evolve your spending 5-15 bucks for a significant difference in the way the
game’s synergy adapts to include this additional hunters or monster with
monster having the biggest impact.

It’s almost like a new game each time they
add a new character. Turtle rock also takes telemetry and game balance very
important, and will ensure these new additions don’t provide any advantage. You
may think I’m an idiot for buying these dlcs/the game that has them but I
really enjoy the amount of strategy this game has the potential to offer. I
know some of these are hard to see at first glance when you play, but figuring
them out is what makes the game fun for me and I’m always looking at different
way I could improve my gameplay utilizing the synergy between classes.

TOO LONG DIDN’T READ. :frowning: