I feel guilty for trying to climb the ranks


When I first started playing monster, I was doing well in my placement matches, and I had a couple matches against higher skilled hunters in the silver league. The problem I noticed was that my wait times were quite long. So what I did was I intentionally tanked my placement by fighting at stage 1 as soon as the hunters dropped into the map. This brought my placement down to the Bronze Destroyer league.

After awhile of playing against the bronze league hunters, I decided to see how far up the ranks I could go. I also wanted more of a challenge. So instead of fighting at stage 1, I started going full try hard mode. I’m now in silver skilled but I’m noticing something… some matches are still putting bronze 3 or bronze 4 hunters onto the table. Kind of unsporting, isn’t it? When I win these matches, I get a small amount of points towards my next rank up. Obviously it’s going to take a lot of these kinds of victories for me to reach Silver 2. But I feel a little guilty because of this. I literally just played a match against 4 hunters, all of them were using tier 1 hunters and it was obvious that they were new to the game. Those were the kinds of players that could easily be beaten at stage 1, no armor, by a good monster player. Once again, kind of unsporting, don’t you think?

Previously, I would let newbros beat me when I played against them. But if I want to see how far up the skill league I can go, I can’t afford to let them beat me, because I will lose a lot of points towards my next rank up. I know it’s demoralizing for the hunters, because I see how many of them rage quit during a match, or leave the game right after the match is over. It’s probably not good for the health of the game, because newbros need a good learning experience.

I think I might actually stop trying to climb the ranks, and just use the skirmish mode to go full try hard. I know that there are some pre-made teams that play in hunt 2.0 and I want to play against them, but I don’t think I’m going to focus on getting to that point in the matchmaking system until it’s had it’s kinked ironed out, or until a few weeks have gone by and the newbros have developed better competency at the game.

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Gotta smash em all gotta smash em all!


Pretty much how I feel during a lot of these matches


targets all over the blooming thing


Didn’t think monster players had such a big heart!

Maybe I could play you! Give me a win! I’m 75 wins 125 losses Haaa

It’s not me my teams just suck! Seriously :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


The difference between the bottom of silver and top of bronze isn’t much

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I, also, feel terrible when Hunt 2.0 matches me against Hunters it’s immediately obviously are new players. Players standing right next to each other all the time - not even bothering to use their special abilities - trying to revive each other when I’m standing less than 10m away from the incapacitation. It’s awful.

But I’m damned if I’m going to lose a stack of rank-points when I’m less than 20 away from promotion. It isn’t my fault. They should be learning their basic skills playing Skirmish, or Customs together with friends.

So I just try to put them out of their misery as quickly as possible. Out of sight, out of mind. Then my guilt passes and I can be cheerful again as I promptly lose to real players.


This. /thread end


I’ve been chuckling for far longer than is appropriate.


I’m Silver Expert and I feel super bad whenever I beat the bronzers. Well usually anyway. Sometimes they will surprise ya with a good game after all. Then after 10 or so 1 point games I will go against a gold tier team and lose all ten of those points. Doomed to stay right where I am.


I’ve had 78 wins and only 28 losses… I still feel bad whenever I run into an unprepared hunter squad.

Two days ago I ran into this group… They were utterly scared the moment they domed me at stage 2. Within seconds the medic was gone and the rest were dropping like flies :cry: It was such a glorious moment. After the fight they were talking on the mic to each other, saying how they hadn’t trapped the monster, but that they’d became trapped with the monster :sweat_smile:

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That doesn’t make sense.


Oops! I hadn’t finished my morning coffee yet! It has been fixed however :crying_cat_face:

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But now with the free weekend over, there’ll hopefully be less pubs to smash. Not saying that there won’t be because they bought the game just less of a cancer for someone to play with or against somebody who doesn’t fully grasp their role.
When I was playing, it was very fun because of the fact where I’m in a premade that destroyed a monster or me destroying newbies.
Though I have to say, it was quite refreshing to see new people in the community, trying the game out. I had fun teaching them the basics and just making small talk about the game itself. :smiley:


I know exactly what you mean. I won as Stage 1 Behemoth 7 of my qualifying games against low level hunters, with little trouble as well. What makes me feel worse though is that sometimes you can see one player really trying or on the flip side, one or two really not.

There was one game where I killed their Val super quick leaving Maggie, Hank and a Markov. Hank and Maggie were everywhere I just couldn’t get a hit on them not perfect by any means but Hanks Orbitals were combo’d perfectly with Maggie while both had to be the pseudo-Assault since Markov was at the other side of the map, then when I did find him he just used the Assault rifle. I was clearly against 2 new players and 2 experienced but without the full team it wasn’t that hard to beat them. I do feel or them as it’s so easy to fall down the Hunter ladder even if you know what you’re doing but if your team mates don’t even a semi good monster will pick you off so easily.


Last night at around 2:30 am I finally got what I was looking for. Before Hunt 2.0 I recall that it’s usually around the time when Evolve has it’s lowest playercount that I would see some of it’s best players come out. Anyways, after 55 or 56 matches of hunt 2.0, I finally lost a legitimate match where I was playing wraith and trying hard.

The enemy composition was Lazarus, Bucket, Jack and Hyde.

2 of them were silver destroyer, one was Silver … Expert? Elite? And the last one’s rank didn’t show up for some reason.

Anyways, they were very well coordinated. I got domed many many times. I took out Jack a couple of times to get out of the domes, I got two strikes on Lazarus but in the end I just straight up was defeated. Their Jack was obviously running cooldown.

Also, to the devs. That laser beam does too much fucking damage. “oh you just need to pay attention to the lasers” DUDE! There’s already enough shit to pay attention to during a dome fight, especially when you’ve got toxic gas clouds, sentry turrets, 3 high damage dealing hunters and a cloaked laz on the field.

I basically played sky wraith (felt so dirty for doing this, I’m sorry) to mitigate damage. I couldn’t get much breathing room to armor up but I did manage a couple of times, and each time I went in to try and get a strike, that armor just straight up melted FAST.

I’m glad I had the match though. I needed that. I’ve been developing bad habits by playing against newbros, like overconfidence fighting at stage 1.



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