I feel bad for monsters who scream op. AKA how the meta has changed *possitive post! *


previously monsters only had to go up against Ccmm or Chmm combos. Sometimes Parnell and Abe would get a little play, but the hunt gameplay was largely the same.

With the current changes, monsters have to learn how to play against certain hunters and new comps. This leads to monsters screaming “op.” Hunter players previously dealt with monster controlled gameplay pacing, and monsters are not used to the give and take.

Monsters now need to worry about a boosted val hitting with tranqs when monster pulls the old run in a straight line escape tactic. A monster now has to deal with cutting at hard angles to avoid line of sight, and learn how to juke when escaping. With Torvald, a monster no longer has free reign to sit on players and rely on forcing them to walls alone. Monster was already higher skill cap than hunters, and that knowledge only partially transferred to other monster characters. Where as hunters knowledge largely transfer to new characters, and teams only need to learn new strats. This kind of gameplay is normal after mmo patches in pvp. It is cool to see that type of metagame shift happens in evolve.

As new hunters and monsters come out, the depth of this game will continue to grow, and I am more excited than ever. I finally understand now that bad hunter characters were buffed to competitive levels. The design trs was going for is more accessible now, and this game will only continue to get better.

As monsters learn to fight the new characters, and team comps, I am sure the win loss ratio will balance out, and monsters will not feel as if the new hunters are so over powered. This is the learning stage, and op threads are part of growing pains. I hope monsters stock with it, and trs keeps it up. I can only imagine how amazing this game will be at tier 6 or 7 if players will invest the time and money to keep it alive.

Tldr: new hunters are not that overpowered, and behemoth is not that bad. People just need time to adjust and learn to play against and as new characters. Monster has a steeper learning curve after new changes, Imo. Hunters have it easier with changes, and it will balance out.

Thank you trs, and @MacMan please pat your team on the back. A new paradigm of evolve meta has come. Can you evolve with it?


All I see is Hank + Caira. The assault and trapper doesn’t matter mutch.

As for Behemoth, he really need some tuning. I killed the assault, no prob. But the trapper, support and medic still killed me within 30 seconds since I was such a big target.


I think behemoth will be the highest skill cap monster, and will need to rely on terrain positioning more than other monsters. I think he is the most different ,as he is the only one tied to the ground and ground based damage. He may need some tweaks, but it will take some time to see. It is too early to tell.


u might not be trying to dodge enough by using the roll