I feel Babot needs a slight buff

I have been playing Babot a lot over this 4x weekend, and thus I have gathered a few tips to improve him.

  • Slightly larger SB (Shield Burst) radius:

It’s too easy for monsters to block it when a hunter is on the other side, and shooting it over the head of the monster can sometimes miss the hunter, rendering it useless, especially when you don’t know it’s proximity.

A larger HB would add more consistency.

  • Player Proximity Detector on SB (Shield Burst):

An indicator that show when someone is in range to get the SB so Babot knows when to press 4 to pop it while it’s in air. (Possibly a red/green color shift?)

  • Slightly more responsive SB (Shield Burst):

This could just be a latency issue, but I feel sometime after I press 4 when the SB is in air and detonates, there is a slight delay in giving the shield. Once again, could be latency.

  • DoT perks should negate giving away people in the cloak:

I heard that this is coming to Laz, and I think it should work on his cloak too, however DoT abilities will still give people away.


as long as it doesn’t negate meaties fire I’m okay

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Feedback: You should not use the same acronym for both shield burst and solar burst. (or solar blast or whatever it is) Make it clear which you are talking about.


Like i said, perks only.

They are all for Shield Burst. Changed it now.

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Huh, what if the shield burst wasn’t detonated and simply shielded everyone it passed by? I think that might be an improvement in terms of it’s usability. It would also distinguish it further from the other shield bursts in the sense that this one is not a single burst in a radius but a continuous projectile.


i would settle for a delayed decay on shield burst… it decays way too fast for himm… its not like he is a damage support…

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It does recharge very fast I find, not sure what exactly the cooldown on it is.

@XplosionIncorporated you have any idea what exactly the cooldown is?

its about 9 secs without perks

Yeah that’s the thing. I wouldn’t mind having it a bit stronger, but with a bit increased cooldown as well.

I feel that it is more constantly used while in combat as soon as it is off cooldown. Not to mention that Babot can survive a bit longer with the cloak field to make up for it.

His sb seems to shield less despite it being harder to hit, which i dislike a lot. Also the radius of his solar flare thing seems a bit small so it’s hard to hit consistently.


I think he needs a complete rework, or delete him and refund my keys

His shield burst definitely needs a buff to his shield amount it gives as it rewards skill shot mastery.

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Babot is probably the most fun support I’ve played. :stuck_out_tongue:

But over the week I’ve learned that he could use a few more adjustments.

  • Railcanon
  • A damage nerf to it would be nice. :stuck_out_tongue: Not much just 38 from 40 would be nice to compensate for the kit buff.
  • Solar Blast
  • slightly bigger radius. I love traversing with it and having more use for it would be nice.
  • orbital concealment
  • what you mentioned above in the OP
  • Make it so that its a aoe instead of needing hunters to get hit by the initial blast to be affected. I feel this will help bring up pubs and low levels where positioning isn’t always their strong suit.
  • Shield burst
  • what you mentioned above in op as well.
  • maybe adjust the the travel speed a tiny bit could help, its oddly slow and monsters being able to body block it makes it a very risky ability to use.
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Nice try but demanding character deletes are my thing.

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it’s not Babot, it’s baca… thank you @The_Specialist for this name

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It’s fine, some say Mad Mags others say Waggie although you can see as Waggie is underlined that should be the official name :stuck_out_tongue:

Papa or Palnell
Babot or Baca
Qaira or Quira

I use all the ones on the right

that shield burst is basically Hank’s shield projector, and I agree of some kind of indicator to see which hunter will get the shield

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Battle cabot definitely needs an adjustment. A very small buff but still more than what he is now. I definitely think a bigger radius on his shield burst is the way to go. Its easily the most difficult part of his kit to use effectively and I’m pretty sure it is smaller than every other supports burst.

If that doesn’t do enough or just doesn’t happen I would want a bit more damage on the photon cannon. 45 feels just a tiny bit too low.

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I’d rather say that the SB would pack a punch because Babot is a hunter in wich skills are very important.
The further the shield orb flies, the stronger the SB is, that’s my idea to slightly buff him.

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