I feel as if we need an apology


Trs, we owe you a thank you for bringing our dead game back to life. An amazing, well deserved to be popular game.

But us Console people deserve an apology, what happened was major miscommunication, as multiple people have said, what’s done is done, yes of course. But I felt as if this needed to be voiced.


Oh man when I heard this I flipped, I was ready to go the day before, got my friends all hyped and took time off work a couple days ahead to play today.

But what we received was amazing content, that we weren’t able to grasp.

Now ive heard plenty of people saying “Cater to your lowest playerbase, that’s a bunch of BS”. While. I feel the same way as you, we are really just angry that us Console people don’t have a chance to play.

It’s just cruel to build so much hype, and tear it all to the ground in a burning heap like you did.
Now I gotta wait for maybe a couple more months? Just thinking about it makes my blood boil. I’ve bee- we’ve been waiting for this update for so long, we have all payed money for the same game. It’s near a spit in the face to your highest playerbase, don’t we deserve some sort of apology, we all still support you.


##I think we’d all feel better if we received just some commemoration, an apology, for the miscommunication. That’s it.


But… why though?


I don’t really feel an apology is warranted. I’d instead like to know the logic they were using when they decided to wait until the last second to break the bad news.


Nobody wanted this to happen, trust me, but it had to be done. There’s a lot that goes into patching and such to consoles that I don’t begin to fathom understanding…but I do know there is a lot more red tape involved with it this time and before they put the Stage Up to consoles they want it perfect, so are having the PC Beta kinda sort out the kinks. I know that’s not the most reassuring thing and I’d be pretty upset like you if I were in your position, or heck if our positions were reversed. You have a right to feel angry. There’s gonna be feels no matter what I say, and I can’t take them away…but just know that from someone who has a dev’s words to go on, they do feel bad about this and want to get this to consoles as soon as they are able.


Moral of the story: buy a pc

Kek, im actually on console still for one more month
I’m not too worried about it though, I’ve waited this long and I can wait longer. I’d rather the game be fully optimised over it being rushed. So, to each their own!

I’m just happy this game is getting the make over it needs

<And no sarcastic gifs were posted this day


Its not so much the fact we’re left out in the cold, its the fact we weren’t warned ahead of time and if that wasn’t bad enough we weren’t given a when to expect the update we were given an if… a complete uncertainty that we’ll ever see this update, its baffling that nobody there thought to give us a little warning before hitting us with the hype train leaving us crippled, forced to sit on the tracks and watch the train pass by.


I don’t know about a sorry, it would be like that South Park episode where BP drilled open hell and were like “aww we’re sorry”. They would be just saying it to say they apologized. What happened happened. They had a choice on whether or not to tell us about the delay when they found out, and they made the choice not to tell us. That’s what’s upsetting the most.



The fact is a company has more control over their title on PC, it’s just how it is. Also the PC was the most dead as far as I’m aware and is probably why they are trying it there first. If it’s successful on PC it will be worth the red tape to bring it to consoles.


Logic aside, a little heads up would have gone a long way. For a dev team that’s generally great about communication they really fudged this one up bad.


Yeah, requesting an apology seems a bit much. I admit, it sucks. I was looking forward to this, too. But, the reasoning is sound. All that additional cert and whatnot with consoles would just slow down the momentum they’re currently building.

It’ll come around eventually, and I’ll be there to play it when it does.


@Torvald_Stavig You Demand an apology from Sony/Microsoft for not being able to let games get easily updated.

In all, to all the Console players out there, would you have acted any differently if TRS said that only PC would be getting TU9 a month ago? I don’t think anyone would, since everyone, including me, have been hyping for TU9.


A last minute let down isn’t the way to do it. Especially since a few of us took the day off to get this hyped up update.

So yes, i would’ve responded differently. Maybe I would have been upset back when I found out but at least I wouldn’t have lost a day of pay.


I’d have liked them to have taken the initiative on their own to apologize for the way they handled this whole thing, but now it would just seem like they were doing it to appease rather than out of genuine guilt. I’m really fucking tired, as I have only slept two hours in the last two days, but when I’m feeling more alert I will post my thoughts on this whole mess. Overall just really disappointed in our devs.


Umm yes? This is exactly what I personally wanted. If it wasn’t going to release just tell us it’s delayed, don’t lead us to believe it will be released and then be like lol nope jk you need to wait another month or so.


I also feel as though you and those who took a day off in hopes of the update dropping should get a personal apology from @GentlemanSquirl, as he was intentionally misleading and betrayed a sense of trust that he and the other devs had built. Though with how they’ve handled this whole ‘summer patch’, I wouldn’t expect that sort of common decency.


I don’t expect an apology. I have nothing but love for TRS, I really do. I just wish I knew ahead of time so I wasn’t so hurt by this revelation.


This doesn’t make any sense to me… at what point was @GentlemanSquirl responsible for @Therubexcube’s actions?


It was a pretty dumb move, but im not sure if asking for an apology is a good idea. All im asking for is a rough estimate of when we might get it on console, so we actually have a new day to look forward to.


I couldn’t agree more with the OP. We console players have left in the dark, feeling forgotten and unwanted. I am a big fan of TRS but this has left me really disappointed in them.


Brando said it was a good idea to take the day off. People assumed we would all get the update. Yeah, I guess we shouldn’t have assumed, but the devs don’t really even seem like they care. They’re just glossing over it saying we will get it.

Most people aren’t comforted by a simple " we do care" or “the update will come”. What most find relaxing is the idea that their offenders understand their faults; in otherwords, ownership. Just say you fucked up TRS. Just say what you did was misleading. Say that you know it sucks.

@SledgePainter is the only one admitting it and she’s not even a dev. This fucking blows for console players. We all thought we’d all enjoy the glory by the end of July. That’s what they led us too.