I fear this game will share the fate of Titanfall


This game will be a some kind of a blockbuster when it comes out. It will be fun for a while, but it will not be revolutionary and it will not have the longevity.

The criticisms of the game so far are as follows (the negativity comes from here if you are wondering):

  • the gameplay is repetitive and it gets boring quickly
  • the game price is too high for such a small amount of content
  • general stability and performance issues
  • the game requires a pretty high end PC to run smoothly
  • this game is both for consoles and PC
  • you will have to buy DLCs to get access to additional hunters and monsters
  • a lot of hype around this game generated by marketing

Let me quote a Wikipedia article on Titanfall - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Titanfall

Reviewers thought Titanfall was a successful evolution of the genre, with GameSpot ’ s Chris Watters calling it “a great leap forward for shooters”[21] and EGM ’ s Chris Holzworth declaring the game “unquestionably worthy of all the praises sung about it”,[24] but Eurogamer ’ s Whitehead concluded that the game’s “more of a step forward … than a leap”.[9] Polygon ’ s Arthur Gies said Titanfall was not the “kind sea change Modern Warfare started”.[10] Peter Bright of Ars Technica wrote that the game’s multiplayer was “not groundbreaking” and did not surpass Call of Duty ’ s,[104] and Edge decided that Titanfall “might not be Xbox One’s killer app”.[11] Reflecting on a lack of sales data a month after release, Forbes ’ s Paul Tassi wrote that the “buzz” surrounding Titanfall ’ s release “seemed to fade abnormally quickly” and that the game hasn’t “capitalized on the goodwill it had ahead of, and even during launch”.[105] While EA COO Peter Moore told investors on a May 2014 call that the game had sold 925,000 retail copies in the United States during its launch month,[107] that number came from an external NPD Group report that Titanfall was March’s top-selling game.[108] NPD Group reported it was April’s top-selling game as well.[109] As of May 2014, EA had not released figures on Titanfall ’ s sales, an uncommon practice that drew skepticism from journalists such as Forbes ’ s Paul Tassi.[108]

Is this game great and fun? Yes, it sure is. Will it have the overwhelming love of people like Left4Dead, Team Fortress or DOTA? No, I don’t think so.


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Why is this a bad thing? :neutral_face:


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Oh no, the game will not be the single most successful thing ever. And because of the jackassery of certain major journalists as well as many people in certain grops, not being the single most successful thing ever is equitable with failure.

Look, if the game keeps a sizeable playerbase ( few thousand ) one year after release, that game is a multiplayer success. Doomsaying something because it’s not going to flip the world over is ridiculous, nobody should set out to make their project " the biggest thing ever ". Just make it really good, and let it’s success come to it.

  • the gameplay is repetitive and it gets boring quickly
    From playing the alpha, it does not, every game I played was different, and with blind picks at char selection, and the “unbalanced” nature of the game, a solid “meta” where you must have this certain team, probably won’t happen

  • the game price is too high for such a small amount of content
    Most people who said this only looked at the alpha content. There is plenty of game for the price

  • general stability and performance issues
    Again, alpha testing issues.

  • the game requires a pretty high end PC to run smoothly
    This part is mostly true, but it is playable on lower serrtings.

  • this game is both for consoles and PC
    I have no idea why this would be an issue

  • you will have to buy DLCs to get access to additional hunters and monsters
    This is true for all modern games. Its not like Evolve will have day 1 dlc, or require you to buy all hunter tiers at launch. Also maps are free to as not split the community. You can’t play as the new hunters or monsters if you don’t buy them, but you can play against them with no worries.

  • a lot of hype around this game generated by marketing
    Besides a few cool cinematics, all the marketing has been word of mouth from people playing the game and showing extensive videos of real gameplay.


I’m sorry but I completely disagree with this post. First of all, the only people who say the game is repetitive and boring are people who only gave it one match in the alpha and gave up. I also thought it wasn’t as fun as I would have liked but it takes a couple matches and then it’s totally addicting & some of the most fun I’ve had in gaming in years!

Why does this came continue to get hate over its content? It has 16 maps, all of which are like three times the size of a normal FPS map. 12 different characters, all with distinct roles. 3 different monsters. It has 4 modes. It’ll take months to truly be capable of mastering every singe character and it’s abilities, and then add on top of that the monsters AND again add on top of that truly understanding all the best places on maps. The amount of skill and competitive players that come out of this game is crazy. What is the perfect team, what is the perfect place to catch the monster, what is the perfect mode, what is the perfect monster, for every single map!

What stability issues? The ones that might come with an alpha or beta, which is the whole point of an alpha and beta?

I haven’t seen a single person complain about not having a strong enough computer. Actually if you go to Kotakus article, everyone is making fun of them for calling it “monstrous” specs. What is wrong with it being on both consoles and a pc, how is this an argument?

NOBODY should be complaining about the DLC. Every game gets DLC after it’s released and anyone who understands game development understands that contrary to popular belief, most Devs actually aren’t holing content back to get more money, just the “evil” ones. Out of all devs, TRS have probably been the best for DLC. None of the community will get separated, all maps are free. If you don’t have a character or monster, you can still play against them. That’s great.

A lot of hype? What? This game has had hardly any hype to be honest, and even if it has, all I see outside the forums are people bashing it.

Honestly, I don’t think this game will be anything like Titanfall, which is be my biggest regret of a buy. I loved the beta because the movement but once I got the full game, it got stale quick and I realized there is no real feeling of winning. The way the bullets register and enemies die just isn’t rewarding and the fact that there’s bots all over the map makes it hard to find a real enemy player. CoD is just much more fun, I can’t believe I even bought the season pass for Titanfall right away.




How is that a step backwards?

Perhaps, but these are not necessary to enjoy the game. You don’t need to have them to play against them either-- and all future maps and game modes will be free. Besides, there might be free hunters and monsters in the future.

I don’t see a problem with this.

By marketing, you mean livestreams of the actual gameplay and events where anyone can get their hands on the game itself? I’d say this is the best marketing there is. What other way is there to generate hype if not through marketing, pray tell?


If you don’t want to play it, don’t play it. You don’t have to. It’s your choice. I will not write about milion words like the others about why you should play this game if you are not interested. So… nice to meet you and bye :blush:


I’ve never actually played Titanfall, so I can’t make any comparisons, but it certainly seems to have scarred gamers for life. This whole “Evolve will be like Titanfall” thing has been thrown out there without any real thought behind it so many times. It generally seems to just come out of gamers being afraid of being let down again.

Most of the arguments you made have very little merit to them.

  • the gameplay is repetitive and it gets boring quickly
    You listed Left 4 Dead as an example that Evolve needs to live up to. How is this game less repetitive than Left 4 Dead? Left 4 Dead had fewer options of things to try, but remained fun anyway. Most popular games are actually pretty repetitive, but it continues to be played because the repetition is fun.

  • the game price is too high for such a small amount of content
    Perhaps. I wouldn’t call the amount of content low. 16 maps, 4 game modes, 12 hunters, 3 monsters, and more to come.

  • general stability and performance issues
    You’re assuming performance issues before the game is even released. You can’t use this as a criticism when there is no way to have any evidence for it yet.

  • the game requires a pretty high end PC to run smoothly
    It requires high end to run on max graphics, yes, but the minimum requirements are more in a mid-range PC. In any case, a game taking advantage of newer technology doesn’t speak in a negative way to the longevity of the game. If anything it helps the game last longer as people won’t be getting tired of playing with out-of-date looking graphics

  • this game is both for consoles and PC
    So are Skyrim, Bioshock, GTA, Mass Effect, etc… I really don’t get your point here.

  • you will have to buy DLCs to get access to additional hunters and monsters
    Left 4 Dead only had one type of human, and 4 controllable Infected. Again, you mentioned Left 4 Dead as an example Evolve needs to live up to. Was its success based in the fact that no further options were added through DLC at any cost? For new infected you needed to buy an entirely new game.

  • a lot of hype around this game generated by marketing
    Actually, from what I’ve seen the people who are most hyped about the game are people who have had a chance to play parts of it already. Most of the negativity comes from those who have not. That speaks pretty well to whether or not Evolve can live up to the hype.


Titanfall didn’t really SCAR gamers - based on what I’ve heard from most of my reasonable sources, the general consensus is " It’s just okay. If I play it I enjoy myself, but I don’t feel a particularly strong wish to launch it ". The problem with Titanfall was the ABSURD amount of marketing hype that was built up before it came out, including the infamous " Believe the Hype " line from IGN, only to later be merely alright instead of earth-shattering.

Evolve’s marketing has been, for the most part, just showing off the game itself. Like you said, this is why people are getting excited for it, not tons of CG trailers and a couple of scripted gameplay trailers. And that’s way more convincing marketing to me than a well-made trailer would ever be.

Excellently made trailers still get me, though. Damn you, Blizzard!


A lot of that criticism sounds like what came after the alpha, which was repetitive because it had a lot less content than the full release will. Just after the alpha a ton of maps were revealed and we’ve had a few more game modes since then, including one that ties them into a marathon with game changing benefits.

I don’t mind paying for the extra characters, the monster price is pretty good and it provides some longetivity for the game. Luckily map DLC is free and you can play alongside people that have characters that you don’t.

Also agree with what others have said, the three games you have mentioned are the perfect examples of repetitive gameplay. It’s not just about the repetition, it’s about the life of the game which Evolve is quite good for :slight_smile:

Still, I understand the “problem” with it being for consoles and PC (harder to make a competitive scene to keep people gripped) but I don’t think that’ll hinder Evolve much. Besides, poor @Slinkyguy would miss out if that wasn’t the case! That, or he’d have to buy a computer and play the game with me. Many arguements over who plays Bucket would follow!


wev all done this before haha.

league of legends. same maps. 5 years old. most played game.

evolve is addicting as hell. especially when you finally get to play it and start fighting higher class opponents. shyt gets real.


Sorry but most of this thread is false.

Titanfall’s decline wasn’t a big surprise from the flashy marketing EA tried to cram down our throats. Titanfall’s gameplay was clearly to imitate COD but with wall running mechanics and Mechs, it didn’t introduce anything new to the FPS scene.

Evolve clearly has something new in the FPS scene.


Same old complaints we’ve been hearing for months. Like all the others, the OP is well intended but under- or mis-informed. It’s understandable, we’ve all been burned by promising game concepts that crashed and burned on release, after we’d coughed up our hard earned cash. So by all means be cautious. But as the above posters have pointed out, most or all of these concerns aren’t really warranted. This game has had more preview in-game footage than, like, anything ever, it’s amazing how many opportunities there have been and will be to watch actual gameplay before release. Nevermind opportunities to actually play at conventions or alpha/beta tests. They know they’ve got a good game on their hands, and they’ve gone out of their way to be transparent, and to get people to try it out and/or watch matches, because they’re confident the gameplay will speak for itself. And I think they’re right. I put in 30 hours during the Big Alpha and I barely scratched the surface. Pre-ordered as soon as the alpha was over. I didn’t even need to know about the other game modes. I thought the Big Alpha by itself was worth paying full price for. When they released info on all the other game modes besides Hunt, my head kind of exploded.

As for DLC, as I’ve said elsewhere, discussing DLC is, absurdly, starting to be like discussing abortion. The people who hate it, really really really hate it and there’s no way to talk to them about it, so it’s a pointless topic.

Anyway, point is, this is all old familiar territory that has been discussed and debunked many times. You should read up on the game, especially about the features not included in the alpha. Go watch some gameplay footage, and then try to get in on the upcoming beta/technical test. And lurk on these forums. Use the dev tracker. The TRS team is a bunch of rock stars when it comes to community relations. They’re gamers themselves, they’re “one of us”, and while that doesn’t mean they can’t make mistakes and don’t have limitations, it does mean they’re not likely to stray too far from the mark. That and the gameplay that’s already available should squash most or all of your doubts.


I was going to say that it also adds a little bit to the 3rd person stealth genre. Then I thought how cool would it be for the Monster to have a cardboard Box. Then I chortled.



Instead of chortling I chuckled :slight_smile:


I remember I was really excited for titanfall. One of the reasons I built a PC instead of buying a PS4 was to play Titanfall. I even built it to spec for the game. However, once I played the beta, I was turned off immediately. It was way too repetitive and I hated how I had to trek through so much nothingness to get to something.

With Evolve, I was lucky enough to get into the first (small?) Alpha last summer. I immediately fell in love. The next Alpha, I devoted my entire weekend to playing it and never got sick of it. With Evolve, I enjoyed tracking the monster. Even though, like Titanfall, I was traveling to the combat, there was more to do than just hold W and wait to hear gunshots.

I just realized I wrote all this for a troll thread…sigh, I’m glad school starts back up next week. I have way too much time on my hands.