I fear for my health!


Every release so far I have played nonstop uncontrollably and even damaged my eyes during the beta. If school isn’t closed because of snow I might get in trouble for missing classes. Meals will be skipped out of game so my monster can eat in game. If I die from not being able to put this game down please have an EVOLVE themed funeral catered by Taco Bell. Thankyou.


We will mourn you for about six seconds. We’d want to mourn more, but Evolve, man… you understand, I’m sure.


And if you do die we can hold a 21 lightning gun salute


It’s what I’d want. :’)


Chain it through 21 trapjaws and I’ll be happy…well dead…but still happy.


You have to have a target for the lightning gun to fire though! Maybe just let Hyde :fire: handle :fire: the corpse and get back to gaming faster.

Edit: But the trapjaws make it work now XD.


I feel bad for those with the press release now (still jealous), but there is no way they can keep up with the amount of gameplay I’m about to put into this game…their only chance is if I…well you get the point. XD


I’ll get the revivifyer ready!


It’s dangerous to go alone, take this !


It’s linked to Laz’s DNA. It no work T.T


There’s more than one out there. @Sweyn spent a lot of money getting this one coded to your DNA ( don’t ask how he got a sample of your DNA though). The real problem is that you can’t use it on yourself


Sorry dude won’t be able.I’ll be playing by that time.Evolve>death.So take the sympathy from now.RIP bro


I hope you’re kidding when you say you’d miss class for a video game…


I know I’d do it.


You think this is a joke?


I’ve failed a class and went to 2nd jr high school twice because of video games :stuck_out_tongue:


BROTHER! or sister?


But i wouldn’t reccomend it.Basically i could have ended school one year sooner and play even more video games :stuck_out_tongue:


who wouldn’t do it (for evolve!)


I’m in college, no worries!