I dont want to play as a


After all this time and all the feedback from the community and your intention to adhere to the feedback the game still ahs this problem. It forces you to play the role you don’t want to play. Why? I just don’t understand how hard it can be to let players play the way they want to play? I have a monster as 5th priority and it still puts me in a monster role. Not to mention priority 2 and 3. I mean guys, increase waiting time that’s ok. I wanna play assault let me play assault. Why do this?


Most matches you will get to play who you want, dependent upon your priority setting. It is (or should be) very rare to get your 5th slot. Right now a lot of people do want to play Assault but this will work itself out as people try new roles. Keep playing. You will get the class you want most of the time…if not that then 2 or 3 but majority of the time you should be getting what you want.


On top of that, ranked lets you choose Monster or Hunter so you won’t have to worry about that anymore. I think it might change down the road, but they probably would rather fill up lobbies then have a long matchmaking. If they game consistently has 20,000+ people playing, they might make the matchmaking find your role only. Who knows.


Got a song that fits perfectly


Heard that before!


You guys can advocate all you want but what I see right now is when 2 or more people joining lobby have the same role preference one of them quits if he is not getting the role he wanted. This sucks bad and happens a lot.