I Don't want to Join a Started game!


If i joined a started game then quit in 1-2 second, it will say “I am lose”…can be seen on W/L

i think this is a normal question as happened many times
When u joined a started game, sometimes you can press “option” for quit, but sometimes you can’t press “option”. WHY?


Dude just play the rest of the game and start a’fresh on the next one. I’ve heard that losing a game you have joined when it already started doesn’t effect your W/L.


Sometimes effect sometimes not, I don’t know why. I’m a global top 10 monster so i know how many times i lose


and sometimes you can press “option”, sometims not. 50% around that


Don’t think this should be under the ‘Bugs’ category to be honest


Trs definition of leaderboard, epic fail.


The leaderboard is a complete joke as the matchmaking . Getting sucked into 8/10 mid games with randoms, no communication and it’s counting for leaderboards, gtfo.


Keep your criticism constructive, please.


Ye I never really saw worse leaderboards, funny think is that make a leaderboards is the easiest. I could make better in excel and ms paint than the devs… -.-

I say again, keep it constructive.


Like the topic, need W/R more fair, and I don’t want to join a started game, quit, then lose…


Joining mid-game then quitting does not count as a loss, only a death.


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