I don't want to go to the gym today


Help me plz. I’m too lazy for dis.


Dun do it mortal, stay home and play evolve, Goliaths muscles are big enough for the both of you


i want toooo but my family dragin meeeeeeeeeeeeee


I think its time.
To fight back


Goliath didn’t get as ripped as he is by sitting at home playing Evolve. I think he would agree it’s worth it in the end. :smile:


Goliath ses get in there sissy boy and make me proud, NO EXCUSES
In a strange Arnold Schwarzenegger accent


Legit info Mortal, go to the gym. Its worth it.

I stopped going to the gym for the weekend of the Evolve Beta because I thought it wouldn’t do that much. I now don’t go to the gym anymore. Lost the motivation I got geared up over that simple thing <_>

I plan on going back sometime in the summer. Loved the feeling after a good workout.


Watch Pumping Iron with Arnie, always a great morale booster.


Just say u got a Goliath sized problem and you need to take care of it


Used to listen to this speech everytime before I went to the gym. Hope it helps