I don't want to be a brawler!


I mained Wraith because I enjoy STEALTH gameplay. With each and every new patch a piece of that has been taken away. Now with Stage 2 Wraith is forced to be a brawler. If I wanted to play like that I would play Goliath. @TRS please find a way to give us back our stealth monster.

Just because some folks at the office like in your face action with Wraith (looking at Cory) doesn’t mean everyone else does. :stuck_out_tongue:

The match time was decreased. So now I have to rush to evolve. Which now means I cannot sneak around trying to flank the hunter that is tailing behind the rest. I cannot play with my food anymore because I won’t make stage 3. And during my stage 1 fight I might need to stage to get a few more bars of health, ditto for stage 2.

And let’s not forget the invisibility during decoy. That medic that I can’t catch now. Pfftt. If I still had invis he would not see the pounce + warp blast + abduct that was about to hit him. Now they just jet pack away while everyone else gets chip damage aka CHUNK damage.

I just want stealth man! :cry:


I to enjoy the stealth gameplay, I think the invis was a bit much. Now you just have to be smart when you use supernove+decoy to hide yourself.

I just wrote a topic about map shapes that I think would benefit stealth gameplay without directly buffing monsters/players that enjoy doing this. I agree that its a bit too straight forward and doesn’t leave much room for different play styles with time restrictions, tracking abilities, etc. It feels like if I am able to sneak around its because the hunters are bad not because I did a good job of sneaking.


Stage 2 was designed to remove stealth gameplay, because in the long run it is incredibly boring and frustrating. Eliminating Flee To 3 was a main goal of Stage 2 - and it sounds that is what you liked. I very much doubt it’s coming back, I’m afraid. I think most people will agree it’s a change for the better, and will help the game’s longevity.


@CommanderJ flee til 3 sounds like what i like? did you not read the part where i would attack on stage 1 and 2, but with evolve stage 2’s time limit, i can no longer do this.

playing like this (my legacy evolve style) usually ends a game on stage 2. sometimes i need a third stage to finish them off. the damn time limit going on right now has me fleeing til 3. most monster players are using hunger/speed perks to ensure they get stages. ya know, since the hunters now get their hands held and are led to monster locations :wink:


If you’re that upset about it you can revert back to the old game by changing it in your properties, old wraith is still there with all the other people who absolutely just love playing against it. [quote=“GamingSinceGaming, post:1, topic:91016”]
I cannot play with my food anymore because I won’t make stage 3

Fucking good, nothing worse than someone who likes to fuck around with someone else for their own amusement.


TBH, if you really want stealth, Gorgonzola is better at that now. Like said, Wraith is more of a hit-and-run brawler.


No one enjoys having to run around the map for 15 minutes being preyed upon constantly by a monster they rarely ever see, let alone are able to fight.

And when 4 out of 5 people are having a bad experience, it’s not good.

I would be interested in seeing a Wraith with VERY low armour but decent damage, and decent burst speed. To make her a hit and run risk/reward character who will almost always be taking health damage during the hit and run attacks, but will be trading for downs. Who has enough speed to focus characters in burst, but has slow stamina regen so can’t just flee till 3 all the time.

Who’s low armour makes her a little vulnerable at stage 3 causing her to have to engage through out the game.

Hunters being able to actually make progress on her like this might make her more enjoyable to play against.

The issue is hunters hate playing against hard to hit, high mobility, and disorienting monsters, which is why quite often I’ll see people complain in chat if the monster is Wraith or Gorgon


So you cannot spend ten minutes lurking around and messing with the Hunters so that they never get to fight you for ages?

So you can’t just appear out of nowhere and stunlock someone for about 75% of their health?

I don’t know, these sound like good things to me…

I’m really sorry if I came off as offensive; just trying to make the point that while it may have been fun to do that as Wraith, it really, really sucked for Hunters.


It may be fun for the Wraith, but it’s not fun for the other 4 players playing hide and seek with an invisible monster. Stealth is gone, and good riddance.


The sad news is that if you want the old evolve where you could literally sneak your way to stage 3 without ever seeing hunters-

Evolve is no longer the game for you.

I do not miss this style of play in any way shape or form. Stealth as it was in evolve, was the most boring thing ever. 99.9% of hunters, which account for 4 out of 5 people playing the game- were painfully frustrated by it. I will not miss it, and bid it good riddance.


I think people have forgotten that the “stealthy” Wraith was basically one of the reasons original Evolve got so much hate and lost so many players.


@10shredder00 How’s all this for a nostalgia bomb >.>

Compared to Wraith in say 7.0 or 8.0 she’s far more of a glass cannon, to the point they’re scaling her back so you can’t blast in and annihilate someone immediately quite as easily. She used to just be an anemic goliath with bad skills, compared to that the current Wraith is a lightspeed godsend.


I’m getting tired of this “Monster players are trolls because they liked stealth”.

The game was designed for you to hunt the monster and use your brain to do it.

Wasn’t enough of you that could do that, so they turned into a run about everywhere call of duty mode for you lot, and we are all supposed to digest this was for the better?

Evolve was a thinking man’s FPS. Now it’s overwatch 4 v 1.

I get some of you never want to play the Monster and 0 interest in it. If you have everything on your side though and Monster players stop playing, just who exactly are you going to play with then, because I sure as hell don’t see a Hunter v Hunter mode.


[quote=“Paul_McPhillips, post:13, topic:91016”]
Evolve was a thinking man’s FPS. Now it’s overwatch 4 v 1.
[/quote]Focus on the actual meat of the game’s mechanics is a bad thing, now?

Look, the “stealth” in Legacy left a lot to be desired. It wasn’t fun, and didn’t actualy make the game feel any more intense nor engaging than usual. In fact, 9/10 times whenever my team encountered someone who was trying to be stealthy/sneaky, those tended to be the shortest games we had. The rest of the time they tended to be people who started off trying to be stealthy, realised very quickly that it wouldn’t work and then moved onto trying to FT3, often with mixed results on how successful their rush to get to Stage 3 was.

Hell, even release-era Wraith wasn’t particularly stealthy, she just had raw speed on her side.

Fact of the matter is that stealth was typically a boring 20+ minute slog for new players, which is where the “running simulator” title came from. Inaccurate, yes. But casual players weren’t about to go and learn the finer points of the actual gameplay when they were so bored just trying to find the monster. And then it ended up being almost completely ineffective against anyone else.


Everytime I read Stealth wasn’t fun.

For WHO exactly? I and many friends loved hunting stealth Monsters, and playing Stealth Monsters.

It was like playing a survival horror game It was tense, exciting and challenging. The trend on this board for “walkathon and stealth was trolling” isn’t the reality of what it was.

Frustrated hunters are loving the new mechanic because they don’t much IF ANY of their tracking kit anymore. It’s all done for you.

All you have to do is shoot and throw bombs. That’s what you’re happy with now. PLease stop trying to all preach it’s better for everyone.

The game has a mass of players because ITS free. For the first time. It isn’t all down to the changes.

Let’s stop the B/S. it’s getting old.


I believe I explained it in my post. For new players it wasn’t fun for reasons already mentioned, for most anyone of a higher level it wasn’t fun because it often meant having to sit through multiple loading screens for a match that lasted about 5 minutes. Which, I’m sure was ultmiately not fun for the monster player.

If it worked against your friends, and they enjoyed it then cool, you’re all part of the minority. But I can assure you, against a skilled Hunter team stealth doesn’t work and serves to get you killed faster.

Again, focusing on the meat of the game’s actual mechanics and trimming the fat is not a bad thing. And honestly, it’s what should have been done from the beginning.


The game is hurting new players now. That’s what you don’t grasp.

The game makes a Monster player have to run around the map like a starving hamster constantly. The Monster play population is falling. Do you realise that?

WHO are you going to hunt when they get tired of playing because they can’t evolve to stage 2?


Sounds a lot like new players that used stealth in Legacy, if I’m honest. I’ve also seen plenty of monsters wipe teams without ever getting to stage 3. If monster players are quitting simply because they couldn’t get as far as Stage 2, that’s on them, not the game. If they’re not going to learn from their losses, or look at themselves critically to identify where they’re going wrong, they likely wouldn’t have faired any better in Legacy.

Evolve is still very much a thinking-man’s game. Cherry picking parts of the game to hate on doesn’t change that.


I wipe stage 1 as monster.

It isn’t on them. It IS the game.

It’s made easier for the hunter now. An auto dome as a popup and a planet scanner were for new FPS players to stop them getting frustrated. It’s like adding big pointy arrows for World of Warcraft players who couldn’t find quests.

How can anyone not say this is anything different?

Playing as a hunter now has more action certainly, but more thought? NO, no way does it. It a rabble chasing after a wilderbeast.


Ur beg your pardon. Who exactly are you talking to? If you can’t type a sentence or counter point and just resort to typing that get your ass out of here.

Edit that comment now, or I will get someone to HELP you do it.