I don't understand the secrecy around the title update


People are justifiably complaining about characters like kraken which are severely broken. This along with all these neat features and balance promises being made but are scattered throughout the forum. Isn’t this incentive to give us a clear picture? Instead of events to distract us, why not communicate more coherently. I’m justifiably angry that TRS own patch broke their game. A micropatch necessitated a title update that is taking over a month to fix, that leaves me worried and frustrated.

If it has been already put in for submission why not release notes or a tentative date?


I play on PS4, and Sunny can still stack shield drones… Everything is still broken. And once they fix it, something else will break. I’m sure they are taking extra time to prevent anything else like this, but it is long overdue, and even when it comes out there’s so many bugs they haven’t addressed. Bodies falling through the map, people dying in the drop ship.

This is my favorite game of all time, it is so genuinely unique, and immersive. But all of the bugs, and problems being delayed make me worry. I hope the team isn’t overwhelmed with the project of fixing all of the game breaking issues, I hope they don’t give up on this game. But Im scared for it.


Have you tried connecting to the multiplayer servers already? I had the same thing (shield stacking, ‘old’ masteries), but turns out I just had to go online for a moment (not even play a match), and the micropatch system did it’s work