I don't understand something about release time. Anyone?


Hey fellas,

sorry if this was discussed elsewhere but I am a bit uncertain about one thing. I’ve seen MacMan’s release time schedule here: Release Schedule (Official)

I am from Czech Republic - so Europe and I am playing on PC. So according to that release is at: Feb/09/2015 - 15:01 PST

If I converted correctly that means 15:01 PST = 23:01 GMT +1 (Czech Republic).

So Evolve should be released 9. 2. 23:01 - in 2 days + 6 hours and few minutes.

But according to Steam Store Page here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/273350/ is will be released in 3 days and 3 hours. Which is almost a day later.

So when is it getting released? I’ve never seen Steam being wrong but MacMan has official info that differs. Can someone explain this to me?



Steam updates at 1pm EST and its wrong according to the schedule. Steam updates at 1pm EST and should change to the appropriate time closer to the release.


I see. So am I correct with the time I stated? At 23:01 it will unlock?


Yes the time stated by the devs is correct. Steam will probably update it on the 9th or the 8th.


Mmmm, I would like to see confirmation by the devs. :confused:


It already was confirmed, it goes by the schedule posted by MacMan.


But if you are GMT+1 and taking the game at 23:01 that means since i am GMT+2 i will be ready at 00:01 midnight.
I had a guy who told me that in GMT+2 the game would be up in my country at 02:00.This is getting confusing.

Or we have an entire different schedule time between me and you?


@omni could you post the link, please?


Release Schedule (Official)

Its linked up


Hm that is weird. It would indeed mean that it should release at midnight for you. I wouldn’t mind seeing ACCURATE countdown. That always works best and it kinda surprises me they instead posted schedule for like 30 different countries when they could have just created 1 timer and be done with it + nobody would be confused.


Wow, it’s weird. Confused level over 9000.


I think they can’t do that because game doesn’t release for all the same?Could be wrong but that’s why everyone is getting confused.

I mean some people will get the game some hours earlier and some people will get it later?


Actually let me try to summon @MacMan and ask him if he could make one. It’s supereasy on here: https://countingdownto.com/countdown_widgets

Just fill in the info (including link) and click “publish on this website” then share the URL. Or if you could at least confirm that mine is right that would be great: https://countingdownto.com/countdown/evolve-pc-release-09-february-2015-countdown-clock


@WiBaKi AFAIK everyone gets it at once. But since we are all at different timezones it means morning for some people and evening for others. Maybe consoles have different release times but I don’t care about those, only about PC. So it should be all at once.


1st i think because of Saturday today they got the day Off and we might not get a response.

Okay that’s cool and reasonable.But i think if that was the case there wouldn’t be the need of having a scedule like the one macman posted us from 2K.They could simply say game unlocks 15:01 PST for everyone except "them and “them” that unlocks at “then”



You could be on different systems PC PS4 and Xbone all had different timings.


Oh well this is getting confusing.I’m just thinking going for early sleep on Monday and wake up very early in the morning so whatever time it launches i won’t care and play 15 hours non-stop.

That would also give time to fix if anything goes wrong at the very start of Launch :slight_smile:


Ouch, I just noticed that it actually unlocks @ different times for different zones. Asia gets it before Europe and Europe gets it before USA then last Japan. Well I’d still like to know when do I get it in Europe, aaaaaaaaaarrrrrgh :frowning:


Yeah thats why i’m going to follow the example above.W/e i’ll loose the first 8-10 hours of launch but i’ll have the whole day the next one.


But then you’ll be losing and I’ll be that much farther ahead of all of you. And after my first 72 hour marathon of evolve you’ll never catch me. :wink:


You will only have the Level advantage which will cap at 40.So yeah…We’ll meet with 3 or 4 days difference :slight_smile: