I dont understand one word in a video, please help


Hey guys,

as you know I am not a native english speaker. Lately I have seen this Video.

but I dont understand what she is saying. This is the part which I dont understand.

Video: 0:15 --> …Wati Wait Wait I told my “…” <-- No idea what she is saying here! I understand something like “Lipvom”. But maybe the entire sentence is wrong I dont get it.

Then she says it again here:

Video: 0:17 --> Has anybody seen my “???”.


She says wait wait I dropped my lip balm.


Ahhh now it makes sense. Thanks! - Never heard that word “lip balm” xD


Well now that i’ve answered your question, shall we get this closed?
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Thanks Jedi :wink:


Do it! Its all clear now!