I don't think I received my arctic skin


I was rank 45. I claimed it for my Xbox one and I have entered the game and I don’t see it anywhere. I reloaded the game as well. Any help?


Try unlinking and relinking your my2k account. if that doesn’t work shoot an email to evolvefeedback@catdaddycom


Unlinking from where? The game or the app?


Evolve (Console).


It showed up for me after I completed an online match.


Let me try that


Nope didn’t work either


Try it on the app too, then quit evolve and try again.


I did. This sucks.


Shoot an email to that address, right now they are the only ones that can help you.


Did you redeem the skin in the app and then go to your masteries and redeem it again?


Yes I redeemed it in app


Oh. Welp. :sleepy:


Yea it’s messed up because I was 45th. It’s not like I was 7500 lol

I’ve been playing that app way before this game came out


I never made it, hope they sell that skin later…


I was 3,500 and it worked fine for me (XB1)


I got my skin also, and I placed at 1,224 I believe. The app must be linked to your 2k account, and as well as your platform. I got the skin immediately after I redeemed the app (xbox one)

If nothing works then you must contact the developer’s email in order to get it for sure.


I’m linked and all of that as well


Include screenshots and the email tied to your My2k account in your email to them if you can.


Disregard I finally got it. Just took a minute. Lol phew