I dont see the last patch notes anywhere on the forums, this can only mean one thing!




16 actually Kappa



They took the post down about 20 mins ago or so, I got a notification for some bizare reason.
Much excite!


don’t ruin him with a beard :cry: and hes a blond btw


so, im blonde and my beard is red XD.


So should i start playing evolve right now or wait for patch … i dont know o.o :smiley:


i feel your pain light brown hair, yellow mustache/beard, thats why im clean shaven XD


Now, maybe. Shake the dust off so you’re not too rusty. :3


K 10 chars


Awwww, I never saw them! Why? WHHHHYYYYY?


There are questions that cannot be answered, dear Roses.


what notes are you talking about? i havent seen any posted.


Exactly- they took the patch notes thread down, quite possibly to edit it. We might be getting a micro patch on PC tonight, but dont take my word for it,


well, the expectation is that pc and consoles are both getting a micro patch, but only pc is getting code changes that fix things like krakens movement. hopefully it does come out tonight


I hope this patch comes quick, playing Kraken hasn’t been much fun recently. I played against a team as a Kraken one game and killed them all stage one without losing half of my armor. Fought them as stage one with a Behemoth next game and almost got my buttocks handed to me.


Yeah, the patch is on track for tonight (my guess is around 8pm ET).


I can say one thing - I fucking love Behemoth. I wasn’t playing monster much but I fucking love this guy. TRS, if any of you read this, I want to thank you cencerely.
I’d love some bugfixing tho :expressionless:


I have a black beard with red hair, and a black spot of hair on the right side of my head. It could be worse