I don't normally do this but


I may never get to post something like this again!

I gotta say, even with all its shortcomings, I have never loved a game as much as I do Evolve. Thanks TRS for putting out something this awesome and thanks for all the helpful guys on here who have posted useful tips and help.

Love this game and love my team. Wouldn’t be possible without an awesome medic @geckohxo , support @Hunter , and trapper.

Gunning for that #1 spot!


You snag that number one spot, mate. Nice work doing it legitimately now that quits accrue losses.


Wait disconnects count now?
There once was a man who came into town
He lied, he stole, he killed, he downed
He stole the title others deserved
He attempted to keep his legacy preserved
But now his past is coming to light
The people he hurt now have fair fight
He cannot lie, he cannot trick
He cannot escape
He cannot get out
Tonight is the night
The KING goes down.

This is all the result of a bad cold and weed. 2nd hand.


Yes, the “King” has been usurped. :wink:


Yay :smiley:


Thanks, @MidnightRoses


You must carry your team pretty hard.

Parnell Master Race


They’re a bunch of scrubs.

:heart: u, homie!

hashtag Parnizzle


If you’re not first, you’re last.

BTW: you can still close the game (dashboard) and have it not count as a loss.









I see a little blank box.


Get an iPhone baby girl. It’s two girls holding hands while dancing. I thought it summed up our relationship fairly well.


I love it. :heart:


Congrats man.


Congratz! Glad to hear you’re liking the game, I wish you the best on your quest to the top!


Ignore this feral guy, the medic carries him. @TheFeralMerc congrats buddy, been a long time coming (in a short time )


Good job, I love Parnell. ^.^


Thanks for the love, guys.


Congratz bruh!! probably the best assault I have ever had the chance to play with! Makes bounty hunting with Abe all the more fun lol