I DON'T like how I CAN'T be the monster if I'm in a party


Let us kill our friends and level up our monsters.


This will be availabe in the full release with private lobbies.


Yeah I agree that it’s a bit sad you can’t be in a party of 5 people and play a game together. I suppose it could present the possibility of cheating or boosting (okay this time you be the monster and just sit there while we use our abilities on you!) but really, if people wanted to do that they could strategize together to do it before the game started and just not be in party chat while they boosted each other. Personally, I think it’d be fun to be able to be in a party as a hunter, taunting the monster or vice versa. Maybe that’ll change down the road, maybe not.


This will be in the final version. @trojanguy is correct, it’s to prevent boosting


But boosting is awesome! :smile: I’ve never understood why people feel the need to get uptight about it. If people want to do it then let them do it. Game unlocks are just database values gating access to content.


I would think that could screw up data they’re trying to get from Big Alpha.


To prevent boosting in leaderboards. You’ll be able to play against friends in the custom matches


I can’t even imagine why you’d want to boost in ranked play. So you get a high rank by letting your friends be the monster and letting you kill them. Next time you go into a matchmade game without your buddies you’re going to get destroyed because you aren’t actually as skilled as your boosted score would make it seem. Seems like if you’re boosting, the main person you’re hurting is yourself (and I suppose your teammates in a matchmade game if you’re a hunter and are terrible).


Also, it really sucks to get matched into a game where the rest of the players are farting around not playing.


How are unlocks acquired? Ranked matchmaking only? If so then you’re going to have this issue. If someone buys your game and feels the leveling and unlock system is onerous enough to require boosting then chances are they don’t want to play with you as much as you don’t want to play with them. Just let them spend the hour or two getting what they want so they can become regular contributing players again. The overwhelming majority of people who boost or goof off in games aren’t doing it to mock the leaderboard. They’re just trying to have a good time or set themselves up for a good time.


They should probably set themselves up for a good time the same way all the other players are required to, or face the limitations of the mode that supports messing around.


Yeah I agree with the need to let us have the monster option avail to us in parties. Nothing is better than owning some of my friends with the monster. That is literally the only thing lacking for me.


First and foremost, Evolve is great concept, this is a great Alpha, and the game holds a lot of promise!!

However I fully agree regarding the playability of the Monster, you should be able to play as a monster with friends and whether in a party, not in party, with 2 friends, with 5 friends, whatever number AND it shouldn’t matter whether you are in a public match or private match. Played matchmaking with 4 friends last night, and when we found out none of us could be the monster we were TOTALLY bummed…it burst our bubble and we had to split up and go play separate game instances. PLEASE FIX THINGS SO THAT ANYONE CAN BE THE MONSTER IN PUBLIC MATCHMAKING!!. Thanks in advance for your consideration of this request.


Can you elaborate on that? Will there be a server listing for custom games, or will they be matchmade based on selected criterion? In effect, I just want to verify that it will be easy/fast for random players to fill the slots of a 2-4 person party.


Honestly not sure. I don’t have too many details on it tbh. You’d have to ask a dev


I agree with the other posters here. This is a pretty big beef because I am essentially not allowed to play as the monster if I play with my friends. People joining a game together as friends should be allowed to be the monster, especially if they are not in a party-chat system and using normal game chat. Once one of them is selected as the monster they won’t be able to communicate anyway.

Last night I was playing with a friend, and really wanted to play as the monster to show him the Kraken (he had not seen it yet). There was no way to do it, and that is stupid.

I should be able to play with less than 4 friends and still have the option to be the monster in a full lobby of players.


I played in a group of two with the other 3 people being premade as well. Me and the person I was with were alternating monster sides.


yes, we want to be able to play against our friends as hunters and monsters. At least, if you turn the monster off make it in a ranked play list and then let anyone play as hunters and monsters in an unranked playlist.


How many of you people are not getting the point that THIS WILL BE POSSIBLE AT RETAIL!!! This is an Alpha Test, its not supposed to be fun and games 5 mans for you to enjoy with your buddy friends, its supposed to be a Test of the client and server software. Suck it up.


In CUSTOM games yes, but the devs haven’t said whether we can still LEVEL our characters via customs either, seems you don’t have any friends to play this with or you wouldn’t come in here with such a white knight attitude.