I don't know if this was mentioned about the carnivorous plants before, but


If the plants on Shear were there for a while, how come they can only eat humans?


Because gameplay mechanics.


Well there is that.
It’s just you’d think they could survive on striders or something as well.


They don’t need to eat anything, they’re still plants. They only need light and water.


Of course.
But- Consider this.
I am not an expert on evolve, but the colonists have been on the planet for ROUGHLY around 100 years (Give or take 40) Would this be enough time for an alien species of plant to adapt a carnivorous diet of ONLY the new species that has arrived on a planet. Perhaps, as we can’t assume a whole lot about a species of plant that doesn’t exist. Or maybe the plants were originally preying on the small animals of Shear and once humans colonized the planet the plants changed their diet to human only.

Upon some very quick research, it appears many of Earths’ carnivorous plants’ main diets are animals, as they are insufficient light-gatherers and need the extra energy from their prey. Also, many areas in Shear, there are large tree canopies that could block sun from the plants on the ground, which could increase the amount of animals these plants need to eat.

And since these plants on Shear have only been observed eating humans, shouldn’t they be on their way to being endangered? Most colonists on Shear are susceptible to being eaten by monsters, and that would leave the plants with little sunlight.

I can’t believe I just typed this much about carnivorous plants.
Please excuse any errors.


Yes and no. The true way of adapting would be to take both life and the regular sun and water. If anything, they use both as an energy source to stay alive.


When talking about the adapting, I did mean them using sun and water as well animals.
Because they are plants!


I mean gameplay wise they only eat humans, but Marsh Striders aren’t that big and there are many so I always just assumed that is what the plants would eat before.


I always thought it would be a cool thing for the devs to add to make Shear feel more alive.


I bet they eat other small animals, but conveniently for our experience they’re all just finished digesting previous meals and are open ready to eat again.


Actually, they can’t eat hunters. The reason they spit you out after draining all of your health was stated by one of the devs as being the same reason venus fly traps die if they eat certain foods. Apparantly a hunter just has too much nutrients for the poor plants system. By that logic I think a strider would as well, so they probably only eat spotters or batrays or etc


“Aliens” that’s why


Large, flat, and carnivorous, Carnivorous Plants lie on the forest floor with their primitive stomachs extruded. Stepping on the exposed stomach causes a cascading calcium action potential, allowing the plant to quickly snap itself shut without any true muscles. The unfortunate prey is smothered, while a mild neurotoxin numbs it until it stops struggling and the digestion process begins.

Their size indicates a potential diet of Striders, Reavers, Trapjaws, Venom Hounds, Spotters, Obsidian Grubs, Glaciopods, and possibly Steamadons or Mammoth Birds.


And Miracle Grow :wink:


I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure shear is still a very young colony. I think its something like 50 years old. Crow was sent there for survey before he retired right? If so its definitely not a 100 year old colony


Carnivorous plants of earth are so due to them not being able to live off the soil and water and light alone. They lack certain nutrients. That’s why they eat insects and small critters.

If the plants of shear are anything like ours then those do in fact need to eat something to survive. As to why they don’t eat striders in game, that’s probably due to the devs not programming it in. I’m sure they eat striders, spotters, and possibly young mammoth birds as well as whatever else they can hold on too.


Maybe goliath/kraken/wraith took some seeds with 'em on their armor when they first invaded shear (well i think they invaded shear because maggie sometimes says while winning: ‘you invaded the wrong planet!’)


We know for a fact they invaded and not that long ago through the lore and not just what Maggie says. Nobody knows yet where they come from.


Oy… the discussion about virtual vegetation based anuses in the ground is real…

Quite frankly they do eat other creatures as stated a few posts above because I think that is from the Hunters Quest App.

We just don’t see them eating other things because Gameplay reasons. The same reason that when you jump 20+ feet off a cliff without any use of your Jetpack and NOT break a leg or twist an ankle is because gameplay reasons.

Shoot I’d think a giant Rock from Goliath hitting someone like Caira or Jack dead in the face would be enough to murder them on the spot but hey! Gameplay Reasons!

Now in the Cutscenes when Hunters lose Evacuation you see Hyde go down in one Wraith hit, Markov from a Rock, Caira the moment she gets set ablaze, Bucket Crushed and Val… well… she gone…

These plants do eat other things besides people. End of story.