I don't know if this is getting fixed or not


Torvalds shotgun sound looping @MacMan Is this being addressed?


And his Shotgun being heard no matter where Torvald is, that bug is the reason I lay awake at night ;-;


@MrStrategio might now if this is being tracked right now.


I brought this up a few weeks back and I’m sure I told you about it then,it’s Been on ps4 since arrival of new hunters don’t know how it got through cte or a testing team didn’t pick this up, because it happens every game with Torvald admittedly not every shot but it happens multiple times in a game.


Probably not, still waiting for day 1 bugs to be fixed.


So many on ps4 right now since 1.02 came along,game is unstable to say the least.


Oh god i hate that! I always hear it crystal clear where i am so im too afraid to evolve!..but that doesnt stop a stage 1 kraken win “wink,wink”


We’re aware of the issues with the shotgun. It was logged before we shipped, but I don’t believe it could be addressed because there were bigger fish to fry.


LoL just LoL sums Evolve up really…releasing DLC/patches that are not properly finished/tested,this is not acceptable sorry but you should delay releasing if you ainte got it 100% right.I guess you know 1.02 on ps4 keeps crashing everyone’s game and all the other bugs…?

Do you know how bad this sounds,i know the shotgun ainte a massive bug but it’s the principle you guys knew about it and released it and never said anything till now.


O is that what I hear all the time when I’m monster. Always think I’ve been found when I hear it to see that no one is around me

Ya this is a minor issue compared to the other bugs this game is full of…


This has also happened with Maggie and Griffin since I’ve owned the game it’s very rare though, one you unload a clip with their machine guns the bullet sound carries on after you have stopped firing the only way to stop it is to switch weapons.


Then you’d be waiting a LONG time.

Sorry, but there are going to be things that slip by QA. They are a small group. The playerbase is much larger. They WILL catch things QA doesn’t, no matter how good they are.

Now don’t misunderstand; some bugs that are blatant and happen literally every game I can see the angst for (Like Shotgun Audio one). But to say that you expect a 100% perfect patch of new content is nothing more than wishful thinking and totally unrealistic in ANY title this day and age. There WILL be bugs. It’s just the nature of the beast now.

They said there were bigger fish to fry. There are. A small audio clip bug pales in comparison to wildlife corpses falling through the world, or the body appearing 400meters away from Laz when he goes to revivify, or your UI failing to update when you evolve leaving you clueless to your HP and Armor, or Rock Wall and the gaping holes caused by a pebble on the ground… Or any other slew of game-play affecting bugs that actually negatively affect the game. I’ll happily deal with Shotgun-Audio bug if the reason for its delay is to fix other bugs that actually matter to our gameplay.

Simply put; priorities. There are only so many folks to work on bug-squishing. Best to take care of the big things, first. :stuck_out_tongue:


When their first title patch came to ps4 it made the game unplayable, bug ridden, so i expect their patches from now on to be properly tested, as a patch is supposed to make a game more stable/better not the other way around,that’s my main gripe before 1.02 my evolve was almost perfect from a bug stand point now after the first title patch it’s 10x worse,so i should be demanding more so should you…


Ahem… The Behemoth freeze glitch… Ahem…


haa yes, all the monsters seem to do that now


Yeah I hate versing a Torvald because I always think he’s right on my ass… but nope he’s 150 meters away.