I don't know if i patched evolve xbox one


The patch was stuck at 86% for about 20 mins for me. So i restarted my console. I remember it being a 6 gb update for me and when i restarted the console i had all the characters and behemoth unlocked. The memory size however is 23 gb right now and i think it was around 20 originally beforehand, so I dont think i have it patched? I am able to play but at times the experience doesn’t feel right but maybe i’m just thinking too much into it.

Anyone know how to check if i can update?


Hmm, a 3gb difference seems rather small for a 7gb update. Sadly Im not too sure how you can reinstall the update, I’d try uninstalling then reinstalling the game, and remember, be patient my friend!


Anyone have a final file size for Evolve they can share for me on their Xbox?


Huh. After restarting my console again it now shows it at 28.8 gb which seems about the right size. I guess its patched then.


If you’re satisfied with your answer, I can close this for you. Would you like me to?

Also, on Xbone, just start up the game online and it will tell you if you need to update it or not.