I don't get this perk system


Hi friends so I have question on why I should pick 5% flight efficiency when I can pick rocket Lord that gives me 5% flight efficiency and jump height and that other thing I can’t remember. Is there something I miss?


that 5% flight is @ level 1 right?
logic would dictate that, when maxed, it’ll be higher than the rocket perk.
otherwise that’d be one silly ass perk xD


One is a hybrid, you get less flight efficiency for a little jump height & something else instead.

One gives 5% FE at rank 1, Rocket- gives 5% FE at rank 3.

  1. “Extra Fuel Tank”; a minor perk; can provide more than 5% flight efficiency when fully upgraded. It’s sole focus is on flight efficiency so it will be better in that aspect than other perks. If you want more flight efficiency that’s the way to go.

  2. You’re talking about the “Major” perk here which is “Rocket Lord” which grants 10% Flight Efficiency, 5% Jetpack Recharge Speed, and 50% Jump Boost at rank 1. Meanwhile the “High Energy Fuel” (upgrade of "Extra Fuel Tank) perk at the same level provides 20% Flight Efficiency.

The point of taking some perks over others is for the benefits. While “Rocket Lord” at rank one may provide just as much jetpack flight efficiency as “Extra Fuel Tank” does at it’s second rank, it will ultimately do a poorer job than a perk such as “High Energy Fuel” that provides a major boost towards efficiency and nothing else.

Perks with multiple advantages generally offer weaker versions of the included perks while if you went for individual perks you’ll get less perks but at a stronger version of the perks you have.


Ohhhhh So a minor perk like extra fuel tank is weaker than Rocket Lord unless it’s max level.wait then if you max out rocket Lord won’t it still be better than extra fuel tank. (Talking about the bronze rocket Lord the one that gives you the 5% flight efficiency)


You have to be a bit more specific here buddy. All perks have different names and by calling a perk “Rocket Lord” kinda throws people off track.

If you’re referring to the Minor perk equivalent of the Major perk “Rocket Lord” then that would be the “Rocket Man” perk.

  • Rocket Man provides:
  • +5% Jetpack Flight Efficiency
  • +5% Jetpack Recharge Speed
  • +30% Jump Height


  • Extra Fuel Tank provides:
  • 10% Jetpack Flight Efficiency

Important to note, I have “Rocket Man” at max level and “Extra Fuel Tank” at it’s second level of the three; thus meaning that even when not fully upgraded EFT provides a greater boon to efficiency than Rocket Man ever can.