I don't believe the Wraith is OP


I don’t believe the Wraith is OP but I do have mixed feelings about the Wraith. Don’t get me wrong, the Wraith is awesome, agile, fast, and downright cool looking but it has one flaw:

It’s boring to hunt.

As a hunter, it can be very hard to find and trap the Wraith due to it’s long lasting invisibility. Once you do trap the Wraith, your actions with a good Wraith will be limited. (it hides in corners and will decoy to get extra time not fighting the hunters like a good Wraith should). I think this is a flaw in design and I’m not sure how it would be fixed. As a hunter, if I trap a monster I want to be able to fight that monster because it’s exciting. Fighting an illusion and playing a walking simulator is not as much fun.

Anyone else feel the same? Again I do believe the Wraith is balanced but in the wrong way.

An idea to fix decoy but still not sure if this would do it:

Decoy does not cause the Wraith to go invisible, but instead gives the Wraith an ability to teleport to his illusion becoming the illusion. I could see this being somewhat broken but it’s my two cents lol.


I think as time develops it’ll actually be under powered. But it certainly can be frustrating. The thing that most people don’t get is that she is played against in such a different manner. Almost every pub has a disadvantage against her because they’re still using the techniques effective against Kraken and Goliath that are extremely weak against her.

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I disagree that a “good” Wraith hides in the corners and never fights you. The Wraith is a damage powerhouse and more than capable of annihilating an enemy team at Stage 2.

Honestly, I see the same fleeing behavior from level 1 and level 2 Goliaths commonly too. The entire community seems to think it has to reach Stage 3 to finally face the hunters.


If a Wraith feels like it has a disadvantage it will hide like previously said.


Well, most of the community acts like they are always at a disadvantage and hide constantly.


I don’t really know if I find it OP or not but I do find it very boring and so for that reason when I see wraith I quit, I don’t waste my spare time playing a game to be bored for 20 minutes.

I also don’t know what they can do to resolve but they need to come up with a solution pretty fast before they lose their player base. Other than the wraith me and my friends have an amazing time on the game, but wraith ruins it, and its only becoming more popular as people unlock it so if the trend continue’s the game will have run its course for us


Well said, I want this game to be as successful as possible but I think boring hunts can cause people to be sick of the game. Also I have yet to unlock Wraith due to it being very boring to play as well. I’ve been sticking to my Goliath ;).


The entire community is smart enough to give themself the advantage that hunters START WITH. Ever think you might be wrong?

Didn’t think so.


When you evolve without fighting, you waste the armor. By gaining early strikes in Stage 2 and possibly Stage 1, you can guarantee your victory in Stage 2-3.

I just had a game today against a Wraith with a group of randoms. Our assault kept wandering off and managed to get himself killed and returned the dropship twice before the Wraith got to Stage 3. All of this occurred without a single dome because our trapper was not anticipating and cutting off the Wraith. That Wraith could have come in on us in Stage 2 when our assault was gone and finished us. Instead, he spooked around and got to Stage 3. Then he spent over 5 minutes trying to get the perfect abduction instead of just coming in and killing the two strike assault with two attacks, which would have neutered our damage. He kept trying, then going off and eating, then trying again. He wasted so much of everyone’s time. A good monster could have finished us off 15 minutes earlier.

You apparently do not think you might be wrong either, and I find your comment unnecessarily offensive. I think all of us are entitled to our opinions. This happens to be mine. If the rest of the community enjoys running around without doing anything for 20 minutes to reach stage 3, that is their prerogative, but I find that kind of game play amateurish and boring. I think you will find quite a few threads on these forums that agree with that statement. So I guess that means the entire community is not on either of our sides.


I enjoy hunting the Wraith. I can understand why some people find it OP and that chasing it down can be a tedious chore, but I enjoy the challenge. Not to say that it’s too hard to kill the Wraith. I’ve played some of my best matches against Wraith players.

I don’t think it needs nerfing, I just think players need to come up with a good strategy against it.


Just because you don’t play strategically, and have bad team mates… Doesn’t mean something else is op…
Please educate yourself and stop getting offended by criticism. Better yourself before you try to “better” someone elses game with constant whining on the forums. You’re offended? Do you think anyone cares… XD

I didn’t call you any names, nor attack you. I simply said you were wrong due to the fact an entire community does what you say is wrong. Get over it. And get better at the game.


I never said anything was OP. Please go back through my posts. You will not find the words overpowered or OP. Stop creating strawman arguments.

I merely suggested the Wraith could have played better.


If he’s wrecking you, he is playing better. You’re the problem.


You seem to not actually be reading what I am posting. My discussion about my teammate’s performance was to point out that the player could have taken advantage of the situation at many points. Instead, he played by himself for 20 minutes before coming after us. A good player would recognize the opportunity by seeing the drop ship timer and smelling out the teams health and strikes. This is not about one game or one team that I played with… I am trying to suggest that running around without engaging until Stage 3 and winning, is the lowest bar for victory that a monster can have.

I realize that you do not agree with me and that is fine. I believe that you are also entitled to your opinion as I am mine.


Also, now you are using ad hominem arguments to avoid the discussion.


As an illustration of my point, watch the 2K players on this stream http://www.twitch.tv/evolvegame/v/3786829 at the 2:00:00 hour mark. He beats the hunters at Stage 1 Wraith without Decoy. It is a very tight ending, but it really demonstrates how much breathing space a Wraith really has to fight even with the least health of any monster.


I don’t think this would work as the wraith’s viability is in it’s stealthy nature. I think the reason that many say the wraith is OP is that it takes more movement strategy to beat it than the other monsters. I think that a better fix would be to up some of the hunter’s abilities to better combat decoy.


Yeah it really doesn’t. People just need to adjust to the Monster. People are going to say every monster that comes out is “op”. Watch the Behemoth will come out and people will be complaining about him too.


I agree she doesn’t need a nerf people just aren’t used to the Monster yet she is fast but people will adjust and find strategies to beat her. It’s only been a week we should give it time.