I don t want my level 40 or elite Mastery's anymore


It seems that as soon as I pick a monster and people see that they are elite they quit out from the lobby instantly, it happened to me 6 times earlier, it really sucks, they really need a ranked list to come out soon with basically just full party’s of 4 can play against a good monster and have a really good intense game.

This game is the best when the teams are even, but when they aren’t its either way too hard or way too easy, and its annoying when things are way too hard because you have dumb hunters on your team not using their mics not because you are being challenged by a good monater but because your team is struggling to just stay alive from wildlife…

Anyways, I just simply wish there was a prestige option for those who want it so I won’t have to worry about people quitting because I simply grinded out my masteries in solo


Sorry that’s happened to you. I’ve seen elite mastery hunters vs elite monster and we get thrashed bad. I think the main reason is that an elite monster is used to fighting by himself so its not completely even unless the team of hunters is premade. Hunters are also much easier to grind in terms of getting to elite as well :o So a lot of the ‘elite’ status players are not elite at all. Thats not even factoring in the assistance from the App.

Don’t mean to sound like a party pooper, just complimenting, the fact you made elite means you’re really experienced and good at what you do so its very intimidating to other players lol

I’ve never dumped on an elite monster. Tbh it rather interesting to see how they play. I’m just getting into monster play and its hard enough just getting to stage 3 >.<


Ranked mode confirmed.
What platform? I never have people leave because of an elite (PC)


I play with a four pack regularly and we have all mastered each of our strongest classes (all four hunters in that class) so yeah…when we play we lose a lot of monsters.

They need a ranked queue, they need a blacklist/whitelist, and they need a monster queue.


THIS. TRS needs to implement this. The monsters and hunters do NOT need to be queued together. This will prevent hunters from becoming the monster and visa versa. When a game is over the monster should go back into the queue and get a new set of hunters. Also, I think its more fun when I get distracted and miss the team screen before the game; on either side.

Now unfortunately the concurrency is so low these days that this might not be practical.


Yes they do need a monster queue, there seems to be no difference between first preference and 5th, its stupid…I find this to be one of the games biggest problems apart from the games bugs, and 2k’s horrible servers… I got my elites super fast by playing the companion app and grinding in solo defend the monsters I got from playing online and grinding in defend as well, I am a decent monster but far from the best…

O and I’m on xbone


Why do you assume it’s from elite status and not from the hunter not getting the role they wanted?


Plenty of people here will help you. All you have is to ask…


I know :slight_smile: Lots of good help around the forums. So much so that my questions are answered from threads already made. Just not used to it yet - being solo. Confidence level low and freakout factor is high when I get domed or hunters are close. Getting better though. :slight_smile:


Yeah, late monster play is hard. I main trapper /support, I have started monster now too and it is mega hard getting past stage 1 if you are already at level 40.


I also don’t want my lv40 either but it’s for a very different reason. The reason I don’t want mine is because I don’t agree that I am good enough to have that level assigned to myself and because I have that level I’m constantly but up against hunters who are much better at the game than me which I almost instantly lose, not that I mind losing but I feel like I’m not giving these ppl a good game and am wasting their time. A ranked system sounds ideal.


I know its from that and not from them not getting their role because I will play on the hunter team with them a game before and then I get made monster and they leave instantly when they see the elite, a lot of them seem to be in parties of 2 as well, I know so many people that play this game are just looking for easy wins. I used to play with a guy who would want to leave for the same reason anytime someone was a good monster and then couldnt win the game in under 2 mi.ln. Its like how do you not want a challenge, your not getting better playing lesser skilled people your probably getting worse because you develop a relaxed and cocky play style and under estimate all your opponents

This game is best when your opponents are of equal or greater skill, meaning a fair and challenging game not just an easy win.


This totally agree!

I hate it if the round lasts only for 2 mins, because the waiting time is most of the time longer than the actual match. Makes me sad :frowning:


I just wait for all the hunters to ready up first, if possible.


Yeah, I’d like to get better at being the monster, but since I’m level 40, I get put in with experienced hunters or premades and I can’t do anything which just looks bad because I’m level 40.


Ya I will try waiting til they ready up before I choose my monster, I’m a pretty good monster but they don’t know that, and shouldn’t quit just because I have them elite haha