I don' t know what i should think about wraiths warpblast ability right now

I realy don’t know what to think about wraiths warpblast , what really frustrades me is the fact that you cant see a visual hitbox. You think you will be out of range but you still get hit. This happens to me a lot and most of the time its just stupid how far away the blast happend and im still getting hit. I’m good with the damage it does but i really hope some visual hitbox will get added. Also i hope it will get less spaming cause i think the abduct warpblast kombo is real spammy and the wraith can avoid much damage by useing this kombo because he is in an warp animation almost all the time . So i think there is a lot to do but i dont think the wraith in general is op ,im just thinking that some of his machanics are a bit broken right now.

Thats what im thinking please let me read what you guys think about the wraiths abilitys and in general right now

and im austrian so if you find some misstakes in my english please ignore them im trying to improve for the next time , thanks for that

Jetpack up, best thing to do against a wraith especially with a sunny.

I think stuff like lava bomb warp blast or any AOE should have a marker of some sorts to help the hunters

She’s in a pretty good space but she needs to be CCd otherwise she’ll most likely win but break LOS to escape her

I wish I could agree with that but I thi you just have to break LOS a lot because if you jump up then you risk getting slapped back down via melee or getting warpblasted

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I also think there should be a visual indicator of how big the warp blast radius is. Especially the difference between level 1 or level 3 warp blast should be noticable somehow. But many abilities have that problem, like lightning strike, and I think after a lot of topics were already made about this, the devs probably know about. They just set it low on the priority list, which I can agree with, as there are more important things to fix first :smile:

Apart from that, Wraith is pretty fine atm. She doesn’t feel OP or UP to me. Both playing as and playing against her feels intense and mostly balanced.

I dont think breaking LOS will help i played since day one and i have seen many nerfs and buffs but i think from the point where warpblast was patched into a damage dealing ability instead of an extra traversale its really hard to dodge against a player who knows what hes doing. The thing is you can avoid a lava bomb most of the time by simply boosting behind an object or just out of her way but warpblast can be triggerd like an airburst by tapping the skill again wile casting , with that in your mind you can easily burst someone who boosted himself out of your LOS and the unknown big radius makes it more easier

LOS breakage was to not get abducted few people will throw warpblast at you without properly setting you up for it