I don t have strategies anymore, I have nothing


i m a monster player, and the recent updates pretty much killed me, before i always i had a chance if i did this or that or takeout this hunter fast enough, but now it s gone, i have nothing, i have all the monsters and now none of them are my go to pick up now, i don t feel comfortable playing any of them, i used to play Goliath and Behemoth and the other 2 too but to a lesser degree but now all of the monsters are foreign to me, i used to have strategies on about going against certain comps, specific hunters, where to go on cerain maps, but now it s all gone, i can t do this anymore


This sounds like a suicide note.

But first off what is your Problem? Why dont u “EVOLVE” your playstyle like the hunters do ?


Well this game has become very hunter favored. All you can just do, is wait and hope for the next patch. For me it is very easy to fight all teams in which Sunny isnt included. But becasue of her opness everyone oicks her at the moment :smiley:


I have 0 problems destroying premades with any monster.

Sounds like a personal problem.


This is like a monster suicide note lol. The hunters drop in and there’s no monster, just that letter. But for real tho, what happened to your strategies? If anything monsters got buffed lately…


the hunters didn t evolve their playstyle they got buffed that is it, val s tranq still do the same thing, sunny puts her drone done it s the same thing, and hunters got their arena hyperbuffed, the hunters didn t evolve their playstyle


I see what you say about Sunny.

But I dont know a cooldown increase from about 30 seconds is not a HYPERbuff dont u think?

And if you would read the patch notes you see that monsters got buffed lot with gorgon release.

I’m thinking you are just salty because u lost a few games on own failure.


oh so the 1 second arena drop isn t a very big thing, ok i get it


Nope it isnt because if you let the hunters to close it’s your fault not them beeing op.


right because the hunters aren t armed with slows, jetpack boosters and communication


So you tell me they did not have
And Microphones

then your strats worked?
Dude you are sooooo Mad stop typing and go take a cold shower.


what i said was not related to that, you said [quote=“Entoma, post:11, topic:76927”]
you let the hunters to close it’s your fault
being slowed is not my fault, them having jetpacks and jetpack boosters is not my fault, andd them having micros isn t my fault, i wanted to correct you on that


I relate to this entire post!

This last update I was really excited because I thought they were buffing monsters. Each “buff” they did I felt like they did a nerf as well to even out the buff… therefore no buff was truly given. An example is giving Bob damage reduction on his back but then lowering his overall health and increasing his hitbox on the stomach.

Also, I really hate how they tried to flatten out the monsters damage throughout all stages. If I put all 3 points into one ability, I want that ability to gain strength. If I hit stage 3, I want to actually do more damage. If I am low on health, I want to be able to stage up and gain a little of that health back. These are some of the things that have made the game frustrating for me when playing monster.


Actually, monsters have a better win rate then ever. Especially Gorgon.

Also, were the Goliath Twins, Wraith, or Kraken even touched last patch?


does that mean my problems doesn t matter, that my frustration is inconsequential , and that i should just shut up because some people win ans i don t ?


Is the monster win rate up because they buffed them, people all the sudden got better or because a new monster is out that people are figuring out?


Yes, your frustrations are definitely inconsequential. Nothings going to change because you’re mad. I don’t care that you are angry. I doubt anyone else here cares that you are angry. And I’m pretty sure TRS doesn’t care that you are angry. I can’t say for sure that no one here cares, but the frustrations of one man aren’t going to change anything.

I never told you to shut up. I listed a fact, and you got salty about it. Not my fault. The only monster that has a low win rate is Kraken, and that’s around 47%. The Goliath’s have somewhere around 52%, Gorgon has 66%, and I can’t remember Behemoth’s but I know it’s above 50%.

Don’t try to make me feel like a bad person because I simply stated a fact.


Probably the buff. Hard to say. Monster win rate in total is only up by a little, but every monster aside from Kraken is above 50%. Gorgon is 66%, actually.


you say that about everything (-_-)


TRS should care if monster players are having fun or not. It cannot only be based on win rates.

If monster players are saying that the game has become increasingly frustrating they should listen.