I didn't think it would happen to me

I was level 31 with all unlocks… And like a lot of others, I was reset today. All the way down to 1. :’( I don’t know if I can stick out this game for that long again if I have to regain my progress. Is there any word if we will be able to be reimbursed somehow?

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Again, it really, really sucks that this happens. 2K said they couldn’t restore levels, perks, badges, or masteries, but they could restore base character unlocks. It’s absolutely unacceptable that this happens, but what can you do?

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Read more, they already stated the new patch has been tweaked to restore progress to those that lost it. If they say they can get it back I believe them.

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Can you give me a link to this? That would be a dream come true

This quote was from @MacMan

I’m trying to find where he posted it initially but there are just so many post to dig through.

“Still being tested. We had to roll the solution for restoring progression into the patch so that took a little bit of time. Had a bug with that yesterday. Just integrated the fix. Now hopefully everything starts pushing through QA towards release. I’ll have some details of how this whole thing is going to work soon.”

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Stay the course if you can brother, TRS will make it right.

I want to believe you, but why should I? I’m not being a dick, I really am wondering if you have an experience or reason to believe they won’t just leave us out in the cold. I’ve been ignored for days by TRS and 2k support. Also, for those who get progress restored (hopefully) what will that mean for the progress they make in the meantime, is that gone? Is XP added to previous progress? What about those that don’t play because they have been reset multiple times. Is all that time not playing worth nothing? I know this sounds hostile, but I am seriously trying to ask in a civil matter, thank you.

The guys have come up with a solution for restoring progress and its being tested.



Thanks SlabOMeat for responding with something. I know there are many, including me, who are being ignored by 2k support and your response is a breath of fresh air. Thanks again, it means a lot.

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Also… Since I’ve already long since passed the point where I lost my progress will the XP and stuff we lost just get added back to what we have gotten again?

Last thing I want is to go back to a level 12 when I’m level 34 lol, but it would be nice to get back that initial XP.


My thoughts exactly and the reason I am not playing in the meantime. Very reasonable question.


Macman has been saying for days now that they’re looking at how they restore progress from the TRS end not the 2K and are working on bringing that into the patch to stop it (the bug) happening anymore. Testing and certifying as stated above. The TRS guys have been heaps active on the forums with updating us with what they have by the way, you just need to filter through the buckets of threads. Use the dev tracker up top and it might help you see some of the conversations :smiley:

Is it being added to the current patch that’s (hopefully) going through cert now, or is it a new patch? I just want the initial problemo to be fixed so I can play again.

I’ve been holding off on playing online because of this bug. I wanna move on to Goliath, but i don’t want to have to redo wraiths elite skin.

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Yep I stopped playing as well. If it isn’t fixed soon I will ask for a refund from XBL. I think all my friends will have moved on in a few weeks and I don’t play with randoms.

Yeah, we added it to the next patch…er, the one that’s getting tested now.

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Awesome, hopefully MS will expedite the certification. Sometimes that takes weeks.

I’m wondering how long it really takes nowadays, I think it used to take weeks but that may have changed with Xbox One. I’ve seen a patch pushed through in a day (it was for Warframe).

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