I didn't receive my pre-order


I pre-ordered the hard disc version of evolve from my cities walmart. I bought the 5$ down card that says when I pick up the game I will receive the monster expansion pack on purchase Thinking all is fine after I purchase the game, I get home to find out that there is no DLC code in the box. I checked the receipt and there is no code either. I returned to my electronics section and I asked them only to be told that they didn’t get any pre-order copies and sold me something I didn’t preorder (the normal game) and then preceeded to tell me they couldn’t do anything. So basically they LIED to any consumer who bought the preorder card… All I want is my monster expansion pack code that I was and still am entitled to… Can 2k help me with this?


Try this: Any spare Monster expansion pack codes ps4?


Thank you very much.(: I will try doing what it says and get back to this.


First thing to try is always to contact the retailer and check things with them - if their customer support doesn’t help, go to 2K’s support, and they should help you out.


Well I did and they said they couldn’t do anything… But it’s okay because I finally got it in my email. I had to contact the registration site for the card to re-send the email because they never sent me one… fail on a walmart partners side… Ty TheMountainThatRoars for sending me that link. I forgot that I did it through that website because I did it the day I bought that card months ago.


No problem, but all thanks should go to @Mike_Nockt as he figured out the issue. :monster: