I didn't pre-purchase.. but it's shown up in my library


Any answers appreciated. If i’m getting it for free, then i can give the copy i ordered to my older brother for his birthday :smiley:
I just would appreciate knowing as soon as possible… this throws all kinds of wrenches into my plan.

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Did you play in the Alpha?


yeah. i searched through some threads today but couldn’t find anything related, so i created this.

Alpha, Big Alpha, Closed Technical Beta. PC.


You did not get the game for free unfortunately, I can assure you if you did not buy it, it will disappear once the game launches officially. It’s just remaining form the beta/alphas


The Alpha uses the same app ID that the retail version is using. That’s probably why it’s popping up in your library. Of course you don’t get it for free.


i actually deleted all my previous files… it’s asking if i want to pre-load.

i did pre-purchase, just not from Steam itself.


a man can dream :wink: i just wanted to make sure.




I would appreciate if none of the mods locked/closed this thread until an answer is given or announced by the devs or our community leaders.

I will tag one of the devs in the topic so they can lock it and send it to the depths once either of those things have happened.


In my experience if you have a game installed but your account doesn’t own it, it will ask you to purchase it. Since the alpha uses the same id as the full game, it’s in your library and you can pre-load but you won’t be able to play it without either purchasing it through steam or registering your CD-key through steam.


I figure that something like this is what’s going on, I just wanted to be made fully aware. Thanks for the reply : )


Did you try to preload it?Double click it and tell us whats is saying


nailed it right there. still gotta purchase. just leftover from my having participated in the testing.

@Plaff @Takran @SlinkyGuy you guys can close it, WiBaKi nailed it.


Happy to help.


And done! :slight_smile: