I didn't know you can lose regular


I lost regular status :frowning: I didn’t know that was possible. Does that mean i have to wait another 100 days again?


No, if you don’t meet the requirements for it while you have it, it goes away I think.


i recently just got it. i dont even know the requirements. lol. just had it

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What Katt said.


This ~sneezes~


ah. interesting.

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Seems like a lot of work just for a status of “regular” JEEZE


i wish you didn’t lose it. If you earn it, you earn it.

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its more like a privilege than a reward from the looks of it.


Can you change it? It looks plain to me. D:

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I also believe it can be lost to too many flags?


I’m fairly certain It’s a maximum of 5 flags. Any more you lose regular status. :wink:

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Might be useful.


Iunno. If you’re around here a lot it just happens naturally.

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I feel like im around a lot. :frowning:


uhm… Hmm… Yeah, true that. xD

Yeah Iunno. I think, the usual issue is that people don’t read enough posts, even after they lowered the requirements. If you are unsure of which of the requirements that is keeping you from earning the Regular title, you could tag Plaff and he might be able to tell you which of them you don’t quite fulfill just yet.

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Regular goes away if you fall under the goal of if you get flagged too much.

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Pretty sure its the 25% thing. Reading 25% of all the posts made within the past 100 days, on these forums, is borderline obscene to try and do


I think they mods/devs lowered the requirements because of that.


Huh. So because I got flagged for disagreeing with a rager who got his whole team to come and flag me (didn’t really say anything offensive, it was because I told him that the video of the supposedly OP Kraken crushing him was because his team didn’t communicate and ran around like headless chickens which I stand by) I am now banned from regular status?

Good to know.