I didn't know Torvald would be the new monster


Anyone surprised by this as well?


Hehehe. Well said. And he has minion too :stuck_out_tongue: aka Sunny.


I watched Torvald solo a stage 3 Wraith. I still get nightmares.


yeah that explains why I got destroyed recently by a team of Sunny and Torvald on stage 3 with dmg DECREASE buff. I melted like butter in the Sun


I personally can handle them as Wraith but to watch another get melted showed me that I can’t just mess around with them.


I got destroyed as Goliath…I know noobish but It was a close game and I know where I made mistakes :P. Hey…after all I’m only casual player :smiley:


I just had a spasm.


well…excuse good as any :smiley: We noobs have a right to die stupid deaths :stuck_out_tongue: That’s why we are noobs


No death is stupid, only dull. If I ever die it is in a blaze of glory involving explosions, fire, bullets everywhere and Val taking the last shot doing a mid air 360 quick scope. This should be quickly followed by a flood of GGs and that one guy who seems to have something to say about how the game went.


heheh THAT"S HOW I DIED that day :smiley: with everybody having one or two strikes :P…and me getting my traversal stopped by a STUPID LAMP or something and slowed down by that damn Val :smiley: Well it’s a good thing I at least DIE decently it might balance my poor playing :stuck_out_tongue: The people will go " ohh man it’s Raptor woow. The guy is clueless about playing monster but the way he dies …oh guuuys YOU ARE IN FOR A TREAT" xD. And then they watch me leap smashing with roar on to the cluster of 5 Markov’s mines :stuck_out_tongue:



PS, there is already an official discussion thread of Torvald for your ignorant rant.


To defeat monsters…we created monsters

Norwegian Rim, coming this spring


Holy shit.

Holy. Fucking. Shit.

But seriously, I thought they said that cybernetic Monsters won’t be a thing.


That is what I thought, the scary part was she was full health and armor and killed medic and trapper with ease, I stood back as hank as I watched Torvald rip her apart and she seemed to be unable to fight back really. He dodged a nova, abduct and soaked decoy like the joke it is and just decimated her with mortars and the shotgun. A 17 minute game ended in simply 1.



I hope you friended that guy. You don’t see that happen on a daily basis.


I didn’t, was to traumatized. Watching a try hard evasive Wraith get demoed did not sit well in my mind since I still main her.


Soloing wraiths are easy now that she’s been nerfed especially with torvald.Cabots still decent .Medics & trappers are eh except Abe he’s still good for it.