I didn't know the trapper could throw a cylinder dome :D


Just playing some casual Wraith stuffs; I entered the game and saw what appeared to be a dome, and I made a mad dash for it. I have no idea how it formed, but it looked really cool and I wanted to get a closer look at it. Sadly, all I could get was 1 screenshot before it vanished (like the normal dome disappearing animation).

I thought this would be more useful on the forums, rather than sitting on my hard drive, so here I am.


The dome has always been that way. It’s just sphere at top and then cylinder below. It was to prevent odd occurrences.


That’s pretty funny, I’ve never seen a dome from that angle before, although I always got the sense it was shaped that way.


200+ hours and now I suddenly feel like a noob…


I knew this but never seen it

Cool screen shot. Does that mean the Goliath can run around on the bottom of the dome if he jumps off regular land?


Yep, dome on top then cylinder that goes waaaaaay far down… I fell though the map once when I was in a dome.


You mean if he’s under the map? The dome doesn’t have a bottom. It just goes really far then ends.


You see it easily, if you fall through the world.


So theoretically, if the trapper is boosted upward by Sunny, and throws the dome, this is the shape the dome will make?

Edit: I just now realized I misspelled shape. Nice.


Whoops didn’t zoom in

It’s like a sphere with a cylinder attached to it, wtf that’s something I didn’t know disregard what I said earlier!


Yup, it used to be a sphere but then you would get domes with spherical floors, so now it’s a cylinder