I didn't get the Jack Union-Jack- Skin


The title says all. 20 chars


Did u hv play on the Weekend? Did some1 has use jack on the match ?

btw Jack-Union-Jack best skin Name ever xDD


Wait a bit. If it doesnt arrive by next week, then we can be worried.


I played but I didn’t play Jack and there was no Jack on my team.
TRS said everyone who played that weekend get’s the Skin.
There should just be a 2k account connected with Evolve.


Skins or rito :wink:


I hv look at the Jack Challenge Topic and think nobody got it right ? Didnt hv Checked it i only hv play 2 Gorgon matches this week :stuck_out_tongue:


You’ll need to submit a ticket to 2K support. :slight_smile:



I just got word from @LadieAuPair

So: Wait

Jacked Up! Challenge Weekend! (WE DID IT!)


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Pretty sure you have to be playing with a Jack to get it.


I played yesterday on PS4 and I had it, so it should be out now.


Nope, as long as you played at some point in the allotted time regardless of the character you played then you should get it. It was just delayed this time.

Not sure if everyone has it now though.


Ah, I see.


I got it now.
@ToiletWraith Please close the thread
Thank you @Jedi_Warrior


Closed as requested by op.

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