I didn't even realize


One more charge to go!


Only 749 Rock Throw damage?!?


Ehm… Quick match


Wow, you use pretty much the exact opposte build that I use. I always have a lot of Rock-Throw and Fire damage, and very little LS and Charge damage.

(Also how can it be a short match when all skill were unlocked?)


Defend mode


We’re you caught fresh out of the cocoon at S2?


Haha no. I hate when that happens though


I feel as though Hank was there, and Hank hurt you badly ~.~


Yep. Hank, Caira, Abe, And Hyde…




But guess what


What is it lad?!?


It was all worth it.


Heh, his elite skin is glorious ^.-



Yes. Yes it is


Charge was my first thing to 3 star. My Goliath build is:
S1: 2 charge 1 fire breath
S2: 2 charge, 2 fire breath, 2 leap smash
S3: 3 charge, 3 fire breath, 3 leap smash

And increase damage

I use charge the most in a game


No rock throw?


I used to use rock throw but switched to fire breath

I never used to use fire breath and it was actually the last thing I 3 starred


What made you switch?