I did the 100 win streak challenge


My internet suddenly disconnects and it takes away all the win streaks with it, but luckily it didn’t disconnect this time.

Now I can finally rest in peace.


vs ai? big feat…

vs players? i am impressed


VS AI of course


I mean…best I got before I killed it was 50


27 pubing with hunters vs other players (monsters) is my best streak…I miss it


Ha! 6 Is my best Pub Streak


Pubing eh? :smirk:


Yep. Why would I lie?


Evidence I’m not shit


Read: Pyü-bing


Yeah i have 27 pubic hairs…max


I got to just under 40 pubbing.

I was sad when I lost it mainly because it was such a painfully bad match XD


Gongrats on that. Did the same thing but 10 wins and in Rocket League. On the last match, the AI scored the goal that put us into Overtime.

About that, it’s really disheartening to see people with that many winstreaks. Mainly because it makes at least one person quit on the team. Happened yesterday against a horrendous Goliath. I had to play both Assault AND Support and we almost won.

The special hell for these people, the special hell.