I did something interesting today, for once


Anyway, I went to the Indy 500, for those of you that have heard about it. My dad wanted me to go. Big car race and stuff. I was skeptical. Never really been into cars, unlike @MacMan.

But holy shit was it loud. There was this weird instinctive fear and exhilaration as the cars went by for the first time. I felt like I had a load on my chest and couldn’t breathe as well. It was crazy. 2 pit guys got hit (apparently way over the average) as cars were pulling in, which was horrible to watch. I felt sick when I saw how this one guy wasn’t moving his legs at all. Nothing.

Still a fun experience, though. The guy I bet on won.

Overall, scary but crazy awesome. Just wanted to share this somewhere, and hopefully there aren’t any older posts this will get merged into :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol I doubt somebody already made a topic about this, but yeah, pretty interesting story, I have never been in one of those but it sounds pretty scary and fun at the same time


You’ll love how F1 cars have “upgraded” over the years then… Also that’s nasty.