I did not receive my Evolve Digital Pre-order PS4


Hi im new right here on the forums!

So I wanted to ask for your help guys!
If this is the wrong page or place to ask this, please post links to were I have to go and say this!
I didn’t receive my Evolve Digital Deluxe Edition Pre-order! :sob:
On my ps4! I tried contacting Playstation and I talked to them.
But all they say is call us for some security questions at our number.
I told em I can’t call em!
But they keep insisting, I don’t know what part of I can’t call they don’t Understand!

I really want my game!
So I need help from the best, and the guys from Playstation they don’t seem to help that much.
Someone Help!


Unfortunately, I’m not sure anyone here can help.


I feel your pain, try contacting them on Live chat, I just talked to a really nice lady that helped me


Sorry dude.
I tried that Live Chat but there was no support for the country my account is associated to.
New Zealand.
I still don’t have the game!
Does dudes know how to make a person rage :grin:

Still in contact with them, but they can’t help me if I don’t call supposely, so thats why I came here.


So if anyone else would like to share your experience, or help me with the problem.
Your WELCOME! Doors are opened for you!


Was your Goliath skin unlocked?


Um dude again!
I didn’t even receive the digital download for the game.
No codes, no pre-order bonus stuff, no nothing.


If you guys want I can post some pictures and links with the emails and responses I got from Playstation, if you want…


So u ordered directly from Psn?


Exactly playstation store DIGITAL pre-order!


I suggest u keep contacting them, It’s really sad… If they don’t respond speak to someone and demand ur product that u paid for, U dont have to be rude just make sure u get want u need


Good luck sry for ur situation


Ok thnx for the response! Im going to try and call them somehow…
Can magicjack and does not paying for calling to other countries programs work to call em?


Oh man! that stinks. I am no expert on this, but I’d say you are doing the right things - keep on customer support and when you get a chance to do the security call, do it if possible. I have never preordered anything digital before, so I don’t know what they want, but I believe you are doing the right thing.


If u have a headset use skype or some free calling site, I think u have to pay with majic jack, Do whatever is easiest


My grandma has magicjack… but im 13 only… so…
But Ill also try skype, how do I call em by skype?
And anyone has a clue of what they will ask?


Just an email and username etc u should get a free call, magic jack might work too if u have a vocal device connected to ur computer


seems new zealand does not have skype number for support… only to call their numbers by phone :frowning: