I Did Not Know That!


So as you may or may not know, I am a huge sucker for random facts and knowledge which might not be useful in the future! So I decided to make a thread on facts that you can share with everybody else here!

So I’ll begin with something a little Evolve related, I recently found out that Cabot:

Shares the same voice actor with Alduin!

And now for something less Evolve related, so did you know?

A lobster’s brain is in it’s stomach!

Phobias and fears

Speaking of brains in stomachs, did you know that the human body actually has a second " brain " in the intestine? If your intestine were to get completely separated from your brain, it would still be able to fully perform it’s duty.


Thats cool.(about the actor not the lobster’s brain :stuck_out_tongue: )


Did you know a polar bears fur isn’t actually white? It is transparent. It appears white because the hair is hollow and the air spaces in the hair scatters light of all colours so we see the colour white.


Stegosaurus had 2 brains, the normal one, and one for the tail and to help with the other motor functions.


Very cool.


So, does this mean that Cabot has a long and bitter history with Mario? :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope somebody gets it…


Because Paarthurnax is Charles Martinet, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you know the dot in the i and j are called the tittle.


Yup! Surprised the heck out of me when I first learned it. I think Paarthurnax is the only major role the guy’s done that isn’t Mario, too, so its even weirder.

Paarthurnax was, incidentally, one of the best parts of that game. And there are a lot of best parts of Skyrim.

Oh, right, the topic. Umm… Did you know that the word bed looks like a bed?


not really a fact but something I find strange to think about. Everything is made out of the exact same things, protons and neutrons (or quarks i guess). But yea, a chair, is made up of the exact same stuff you are made up of. But, if you arrange these protons and neutrons in a specific way, they are able to think, or more specifically, they are able to store information. I just find it weird that a chair possesses everything necessary for life, protons and neutrons, they are just not arranged in the correct way :confused:


Speaking of interesting facts about stuff, does anyone else here follow QI? It’s a British panel show, and it’s a fantastic comedy dealio masquerading as a contest. It’s got Stephen Fry, interesting comedians and actors that are regularly guests, AND it’s chock-full of interesting facts ( QI stands for Quite Interesting, don’tcha know )


Yeah! I LOVE that show! Which is what inspired me to make this thread also. Plus I got the 1411 QI facts book for Christmas too! :smile:


Oh you lucky bastard, I’d love to get my hands on those things, but international shipping does not fare well in thirdworld-slavia here.


When a Hammerhead shark is born, it’s head is soft so it won’t jam up the birth canal.


Babies aren’t dishwasher safe. This is my random fact. Also, I LOVED Alduin, so this is pretty awesome!


The name “jaguar” comes from a Native American word meaning “he who kills with one leap.”


I’d need videos of proving that.


Give me a few minutes to walk over to my aunts house, I need to borrow my cousin and her video camera.


I mean i’d try it too but my cousin is now too big to fit in a dishwasher.Hope yours is a small one so we can prove the fact