I designed this awesome interactable banner for the L4DNation Discord!


I made one earlier but it was very simple and didn’t convey us that well. So I went ahead and redesigned it from scratch over the past hour.

Image Preview:


Using the workshop description section of Steam, you are able to embed images and links. So, I seperated the image into 3 different sections and made the buttons interactable.

You can preview it here in this lonely test mod of mine:


I Made A New Steam Workshop banner for L4DNation!

You did that in an hour?! Damn. That’s awesome!



Well, I started 3 hours ago but during that entire time I was busy memeing on a L4D2 Speedrunner’s Twitch stream and having some laughs in the Discord. So I wasn’t really focused.

It probably took me about 30 minutes to do the whole thing in Adobe Photoshop, stretched over an hour of testing to make sure it all lined up properly.


Ahh, well it’s still impressive!


So Evolve and L4D have a sim active database of players, except evolve has more it seems…just by a little.

still nice banner though, props


So I am guessing the buttons work on the server? are they an overlay or did you make those as well?


The buttons work in workshop descriptions. I put a review in the OP:

I separated the banner into 3 different images, and embedded the button parts into redirect links.

Everything in the banner I made from scratch, except the background with Zoey & Bill. That’s a screencap from The Sacrifice DLC Trailer.