I couldnt leave ya all alone by yur'self


without something to remember me by!

Here are some valid things to do while playing on this level.

Weather Control, Hunt Beta, Gorgan vs PP team

see ya all in a few hours!


Please post your videos and such in the Community Content category. Thanks.


it was in gameplay…

and thats appropriate


"For discussion pertaining to Evolve’s 4v1 cooperative/competitive gameplay."

Community Content
"From Fan Art, to Cosplay, to YouTube videos; and everything in-between. Share your Evolve creations here!"

Come on, which one do you obviously think it would go in? :expressionless:


No need to be a jerk about things. People make mistakes, it’s not like he posted a click bait in the general tab.


Well i could tag it with Feeding Route and other such stuff.

Uts a posting to let people see how they might want to tackles problems while playing

So thanks belongs in gameplay.


And community content imho are things made by the community like art and what not.

I am posting gameplay…

Please Rapterror leave me alone.


My username is Rapterror. Don’t call me Rapterra.


My apologies that was an unfortunate mistake.


You look like a giant red ant, but you play like a spooky spider. Nice.


For what it’s worth, this does belong in Community Content.

The Gameplay board is for discussing Evolve’s general gameplay like talking about the Power Relay mechanics, not for posting videos that contain your gameplay.


Ita an example. But really were talking about infinite space and a very minor technicality.


That aside, back on topic.

What i have been finding out is that those quock lil spider trap setups where im hiding right next to it turns out ia an excellent way to knock out the high defenses.

I didnt expect to get that combo so easily.