I couldn't even tell what was going on


This was the laggiest game I have ever had. This was not Evolve’s/TRS’s/2K’s fault it was simply all connection. I reset my X-box after this and everything was fine. Anyways, I just wanted to showcase the most lag I have ever experience while playing Evolve. :smile:



Well, that looks annoying.


Not to mention if I didn’t want to take a loss I couldn’t leave but oh well I just put up with the lag and you saw what happened.


I had it happen to me once, but I was on hunters side.


I’ve had times where no one in the game was moving and some people were even invisible as the hunter… maybe I have a video lemme check.


This was the closest one I could find. In this clip the hunters are fine but the monster is invisible.

Please excuse the jittering as I was using the auto-aim to find the monster.